Our Latest Honour Student!

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    For those new to the concept of Honour Students:

    ☞ Being dubbed an Honour Student is a celebration of one's positive impact on the community, through excellent guides, helpfulness or just plain being entertaining for everyone. It is a way we at ATA recognize and show appreciation for any of our players that we've noticed have made a considerable and meaningful impact on the PIMD community.
    ☞ Honour Students embody pure awesomeness. That said, if they do start being less than cool or breaking the Terms of Use etc, we can take this Honour away.
    ☞ Honour Student are not moderators, and their knowledge or answers are not guaranteed or vetted by ATA. They're just Good Eggs™️ being good and we want to publicly recognize that.
    ☞ Honour Students receive the Honour Student achievement in game, as well as a blue IGN colour to reflect their status.

    To the rest of you out there, keep being rad. One day, you too, could become an Honour Student.

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  2. Thank you so much Marcie and the rest of the dev team. ❤
  3. Congrats Hailey!
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  4. Congrats! It’s well deserved 💕
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  5. Im trying my best 😔

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  6. le appropriate gif
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  7. I should revive my hangman too. 👀
  8. Congrats Muschi!
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  9. such a good egg, congrats queen
  10. Gratz hailey 💕 your whole pimd career has been building up to this moment
  11. Congrats Muschi! You deserve it for 💞
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  12. It's all downhill from here. *becomes a rotten blueberry*
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  13. Congrats Hailey 😎😀
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  14. A blue redhead doesn't even make sense. No support

    Don't ever tell her I said support or congratulations. It will go straight to her soulless ego
  15. My ego inflating faster than Violet Beauregarde.

  16. Well deserved and I know you’ll be a great example for other players. Congratulations Hailey! 💕
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  17. Awwww you deserve this so much Muschi! You are a beacon of the PIMD community. I'm so happy for you. You are incredible!!! I'm so thrilled you got this finally!! Way to go and I'm so proud of you
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  18. You're amazing! Congratulations 💞
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