Our Daddy 🙏

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  1. I was part of catholic church for a while as a kid and I just vaguely remember that prayer and had never heard any other Christians use it so I thought it was just catholic
  2. Yeah, I gotcha. There's many so differences between Catholicism and other Christians demoninations
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  3. Matthew 6:9-13
  4. My husband was raised Catholic. He doesn't say the last line, he says it's weird. I think it's weird without it. And we both agree it sounds super weird to say debts.

    When you have said a prayer tens of thousands of times it sounds really strange when it's altered. But given the original was in Latin I'm sure we all sound super strange anyways. It's the message that counts.
  5. That threw me back into my stupid catholic school and church going days
    I feel sickened
  6. O rly? why? I found church fun when I was a kid. I also went to church camp some summers and liked it 😶 I was a goody goody tho
  7. It ruined me life.