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  1. Woman == hoe

  2. Women don't exist tho
  3. Says the hoe
  4. You wouldn't know
  5. Oh i do
  6. All women are queens
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  7. I am a phrog
  8. Queens in a world where monarchy isn't a thing
  9. It’s a meme…
  10. And I just created a new meme
  11. A crappy one
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  12. You really didn’t but ok boomer
  13. Feet = sexy. Debate.
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  14. All y'all boring asf
  15. growing up I was taught to respect women. Then I downloaded pimd and realized they all hoes
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  16. Lol he edgy
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  17. Incorrect
  18. Backup your argument with reasoning or gtfo
  19. I, too, base all my thoughts and opinions on this app and this app only.
  20. At the risk of sounding shallow, having feet is kind of a requirement for any potential romantic interest.
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