opening a cat club

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  1. I need experience admins that know what they are doing and all the TimeZone I’m only eastern time zone
  2. But do you know what you are doing?
  3. I can help only if I'm excused from dropping
  4. I’ll be PST soon?
  5. I can help if im excused from dropping or doing any administrative things
  6. Yes I do
  7. Proof or it didn't happen
  8. SGT here if u need one (will definitely do because many people in this game are from that timezone), add me up :)
  9. I can be an admin if you dont mind. I was an admin in another club i was in so i know how to do everything that is required. Just dont have the funds to buy cats to drop
  10. That club doesn’t exist no more and 2 other clubs they are not cat clubs ( Cosmos Stars and Crowned Assassins)
  11. Bump. Need admin that has been in a cc club not a random admin from a normal one.
  12. I saw a cat once and I’ve owned and lead clubs for 10 years do I qualify for the free stuff I mean hard work
  13. i have ran a cat club before. now hire me and give me free pûssy.
  14. i was admin in a cc club for a few hours and within 10 minutes of joining (as a trial admin) i had to fix 3 tags and found 3 sd faster than any other admin in the gc/cc. sometimes people really don't know what they're doing. lol
  15. Here’s what I see... you’re only 2mcs.. STARTING a cat club takes A LOT of TIME, MONEY (REAL $), hard work and dedication. If you have a club with cc unlocked that’s great! You may also want to considered having ppa unlocked as well for donations and between session donations. You should have an abundance of cats or extra credits on hand in the beginning. If you get customers who pay, and you don’t have enough cats for their stay, or have a club full of HIGH stat players and no small(er) players.. you’ll run out of cats very quickly. And more than likely end up as a farm.. by multiple people. It’s also a good idea to have more than one IHS, since most customers plan on usually entering with bentos... hence having an abundance of cats on hand in the beginning as well. There’s so much that goes into being the actual owner of a cat club vs admining one. I only say all this because of the trolled responses.. but a lot are right, most admins of cat clubs don’t usually pay for their stay, they earn it by hard work and dedication as well. YOU will have to still train them no matter how or when they have administrated before.. because EVERY club has a different system. Get ready not to sleep also, because getting in the groove of new admins and getting them all on the same page without a lot of major Fups is going to be rough the first few days. What are your plans and your response to what insight I’ve given? I obviously have been in multiple cc and helped admin and helped start up. Plus judging by your profile this is your 23rd forum post and like I said you’re still only 2mcs in stats... you’re still pretty new! (Unless this is an alt?)
  16. I’m an experienced party fairy, I will make sure the club never fails a cat! Hmu :)
  17. yes I do know what I’m getting I’m self into I know I have low stats and I already bought a club with unlocked cat and kini I’m getting help with few friends to start it and I know I have to put lost of dedication into a club.
  18. Sure Ill message you
  19. Im almost insomniac and can give 2-3 hours a day, no fized timings. I want free cats and i cant recruit cuz im always silenced. Is that enough to be an admin?
  20. I can ihs at 7 bentos per cat