Open more than one Timer Boxes at a time

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Do you think opening more than one box is helpful?

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  1. The biggest thing in PIMD is the boxes. We get a box everytime our club finishes a party, but taking 8 hours to only open one box makes it harder to complete quests. Please let us open 3 or 4 boxes at the same time, or give us 5 slots and we can pick which box/capsules we want to start working on. This will also help make sure we dont have hunt boxes left after the hunt as well!
  2. This has been brought up many times. ATA (I believe it was Strange?) has already stated that they are looking to bring back the second timer box slot eventually but at the moment, they are unsure how they want to execute it and offer it to users. In the meantime, participating in the XCs leaderboard and getting those 15min and 30min speed up rewards are a great way to help you clear out your boxes ☺️
  3. ATA allowed us to open two boxes at a time before. Completing quests is not actually too difficult, just as long as you’re active enough
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  4. I'm pretty active, but I still have a lot of trouble finishing the main hunts.
  5. I havent seen anything about it, but I feel like it would be helpful, especially to the beginners who are having trouble. The thing with the XC, is that not everyone is able to get that many hits in a party or open enough boxes to make a dent in the tiers, let alone the leaderboards.
  6. Quote from ATA Strange below, it’s from the Q&A event, you can find it under the Event tab (not sure how to link the actually thread but i bumped it)

    As for leaderboard and higher tiers, the average user doesn’t usually complete those. Most users finishing those are either spending actual money on the game, making an effort to stay in a cc club with in-game currency, or both. Beginners often have more trouble because they don’t get full party drops with lower stats, but if you got the same amount of drops with lower stats as you did higher stats there would be no incentive to upgrade. For XCs, you can usually get the first tier done by unloading on a non-cash bar but that means forfeiting that possible income in place of getting the speed ups.
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  7. If you’re having issues completing stories, make sure you have max plunder as well. That way you maximize your hits.

    In order to have max plunder, you’ll need tutors.

    So for every 1kcs of your stats, you’ll need 15m in tuts. (Or 15b for every 1mcs)

    Even though it’d be great to have more timer box slots, I don’t think that it would necessarily help the process of completing stories more.
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  8. Do you know what else is helpful? Giving everyone in the game 999T.

    But are the devs gonna do it?
    Why not?
    It'd make things too easy.
  9. You will never finish a hunt inless you spend money on the game
  10. I feel like I’ve seen someone bring this up before? I’d support since we have two timer boxes (hunt and month).

    What’s also helpful is using the standard b for Bentos as it’s what’s been used instead of trying to weirdly change it around and confuse noobs even more.
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  11. Trouble finishing how? Like you don't get 60k+ drop rewards or you don't really get any of the tiers done? If the former, most people don't. Those high up tiers are mostly just to reward spenders and people aiming for the top 10/100
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  12. How is that helpful
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  13. I think if it was ever finally re-implemented you’d likely have to spend money in some form to get the second slot. I’d prefer it to be added to the vip lounge but who knows.
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  14. Or ata could do it like. Can open up to 10 at a time. But to buy the 2nd slot cost ec. 3rd slot cost more ec then 2nd. 4th slot cost more ec then 3rd etc. Then they still get money
  15. Helps a lot of people reach LCBC

    How would having 999T not help?
  16. I think that if we had to pay, it would be beneficial to both ATA and players, and if they see people willing to pay for that feature we have a bigger chance of it being implemented.
    Personally I would prefer if it cost EC (because it's more within my reach), but I'll understand if it is a part of the VIP lounge and it could attract more people to it. But then, would it expire after the 7 days and you'd have to keep buying it if you want?

    Also I think one extra slot already helps so much. Asking for as much as 5 is a stretch.
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