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Do you think ATA should add 'Open All/Max' option on boxes?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. IMO opening boxes like Speed Up Reward Box and some other boxes are a bit time consuming to open when they get stacked.

    What are your thoughts on having the
    option to open boxes in bulk?
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  2. This has been asked many times before, and answers have been given as to why this is a bad idea.

    No support, search for your question so you aren't repeating questions.
  3. IMO you should search forums before posting. This shit is becoming the new trade avis. Dont be lazy. Duznt take long to open a few boxs
  4. 👀 Don’t let them pile up. Also as stated in different threads before, you can open them as you wait for parties to start.
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  5. I needed the voting bc I already asked ATA with a ticket. If many players agree, then maybe this feature can be made possible.
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  6. Wow, don't be so mad about one post though. I'm doing a poll to know how many agree or disagree.

    Ps. I did search. If it will give you peace of mind.
  7. But not everyone has the time to go and wait for parties. Or has time to open of stacked item.

    Opening 10 boxes could take around 3-4 minutes. Hitting parties would relatively take the same amount of time for someone who just want to hit parties.
  8. How shit is your phone that it lags thst bad thst it takes 4mins to open 10 boxs
  9. If you looked then you would of seen more people dont want this
  10. You can't gauge the numbers with just posts. Some players may agree on the options all but does not want to post on the thread itself. At least with a poll, their voice can be heard without posting a thing.

    If you are one of the players who disagree, please cast your vote. Good day, sir.
  11. If you open a box for max 20 sec each - usually happen when you are getting a lot of type of speed up on one box, then yes it will take roughtly 4 minutesnto open 10 boxes.

    It is the animation that consumes the time. Bc even if you tap your phone repeatedly, it does not speed up. The animation never speed up. 🤷‍♂️
  12. The animation lasts like 5 seconds max i opened 30 boxs in 2mins and my phone always lags a bit. If you got time to reply to this you got time to spend 2mins spam opening a few boxs. If you open even just 10 a day you still gonna get thru them all soon enuf
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  13. I still 100% support this. Doesn't matter if you open them everyday or whatever.

    They have the option available on one of their other games, so its shouldn't be a huge issue. If you choose to open them all together, if they have the option, so be it and if you choose to open one at a time then why does it effect you if other players want the ability to do so?

    It's not like this effects game play like when people ask for an unload button.
  14. Wait, why is it a bad idea? I don't recall seeing an actual argument for that
  15. [​IMG]
  16. i always open mine right away when i get them but the option to open multiple at a time would be a nice improvement. It’s simple Convenience.
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  17. Support. Especially for the speed up boxes you get as rewards, they pile up so quickly and before you realise there’s a bunch to go through and it takes forever to open them all, an open all would make it so much easier
  18. How about at the minimum allow animation to be turned off so the boxes can be opened quicker if wished.

    ATA should be able to find a good solution they rolling in that DECA games $$$.
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  19. The animation and confirmation boxes are the worst. Minimizing those steps is a good place to start.
  20. Maybe opening at least 10 max at a time wont be too bad if they can’t do open all👀
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