online safety rules

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    :D only dumb people will do such things tbh
  3. Very true!! Be careful out there.
  4. Seee thank you take some tips people in the pub
  5. I Think You Missed A Few
  6. Then go ahead and make your own thread :)
  7. You did bring up some really good points about identity etc however I only skimmed through the first couple pages of replies so not sure if it’s been brought up but... “girls cover urself”? First of all every number is directed at women only. Second, I understand the whole don’t send nudes, etc. But cleavage? I never go online looking for someone to call me hot or beautiful and shower me in compliments. If you see my cleavage it’s because that’s how the shirt is made not because I want a mans attention. Like it’s been mentioned multiple times in replies, the game is 17+, if you’re not mature enough to not freak out over some boobs then you clearly aren’t mature enough to even own a phone.
  8. i know, these only safety rules are ridiculous. some of them have merit but overall it's... not a good post
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  10. Maybe your call to make a new "Guide" then ?
    The basics are just fine. Be careful what you share and with who. No one needs to know or see everything and you can never know what people do with your informations or pics. You don't even know who the person behind the phone really is.
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  12. Supporting this ???
  13. Alright from now on my name is starqueesha and I’m a white cis male. I am 100% protected ?
  14. Haven’t been exposed from anyone on pimd yet ? on another game, yes. if that made sense
  15. Dead ass
  16. What about a guys safety?
    Sexist pig :c