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  1. Just a warning out there

    So what I've realised from half the party in my dorm dramas, is that people don't know how to protect themselves on a online game. So I thought maybe I should give out some advice to keep you safe.

    Rule number one!

    Remember you don't know these people In real life. You don't even have to impress them! yes I understand you just want someone to call you beautiful, but! that doesn't work sometimes. When you are taking a picture of yourself, try as much as you can to make the picture appropriate. Meaning cover ur cleavage. Yes I know u show it so a man can call you "hot" but really any guy who says ur hot for the appearance of your cleavage is a jerk, so girls cover urself  It is understandable that sometimes your cleavage comes in the way and it is frustrating but try your hardest for it to be covered better safe then sorry!.

    Rule number two!

    When you take pictures of an outfit, which you would like to share, crop ur face out! I understand you would like to show off your outfit, but there is many risks to it. For example some random person or the person u have sent the picture to, can easily crop ur body out use ur face and edit it and put it on some random chicks naked body and next thing you know they sell it to some porn website and next minute you find yourself on a porn website. I know everyone might think I'm going a little bit to far, but such cases can really happen money is a very important factor in someone's life. They don't know you in real life for them to respect you or your pictures. Money does play a big role and ones life. Someone will desperately need money and would do that to earn some 'easy and fast money'. So be careful!.

    Rule number 3!

    You don't have to give out all ur real details seriously are you crazy !!? You don't know these people atleast fake or lie about something. Fake ur name, surname, age, country, culture, religion whatever they don't need to know everything about you! There not someone you know in real life. if you can't even trust random people on the streets in real life then why would you trust a random person on a game!

    Rule number 4!

    Don't distribute inappropriate pictures! who cares if there ur boyfriend blah blah blah. I've heard many cases in which people say "oh who cares his my boyfriend it's like having sex with him in real life" well guess what this isn't like real life and I will happily tell u the difference, number 1 you can't even feel each other. Number 2 pictures can be distributed were they can receive ur picture and forward it to someone else and if it was through a video call it's not so hard for it to be recorded. Which is pretty sad because all those which distribute usually regret it because there so called "boyfriend" ends up showing everyone his girlfriends pictures as a sort of revenge, for whatever she has done to him. So be safe and stay away you can't trust anyone with such pictures!.

    Rule number 5!

    There has been so many cases were a girl has faked her picture and used someone else's photo. Okay it's understandable you might be ugly (which I believe everyone is beautiful in there own way) or because you are scared that you might get stalked, but I clearly believe that's not the case because if you were scared you wouldn't have even bothered distributing pictures. Now imagine that person in which you have used her picture acting as if it was you, how would she have felt if she knew you were faking to be her, let's make this easier how would you feel if you knew someone was using your picture ? Not a great feeling huh! Just the way you don't want people to use your picture then simply don't use someone else's. I'm sure someone out there would love to use ur picture faking it to be them. By the way fake anything but don't fake the way you look ;) it is always a better option if you don't distribute pictures of yourself but you can also distribute pictures in a right and safe way!.

    Rule number 6!

    If you decide to meet people in real life from an online website, please meet them in a public safe ! And if you do meet in a public place at least bring someone with you and I'm not saying someone who is weak who won't be able to defend you, but someone who is strong! For example you will meet that someone in a public place and he will say to you " I have a gun in my pocket scream or shout I will kill you get in my car" such cases can really happen that is why it is important that you meet in a public place and take someone at least with you. By the way I was told by someone who lives in a city in which things like this may have happened about this kind of case meaning I didn't even think about something like this happening until he mentioned it. I understand you will be excited to meet that person but you need to think about your safety as well.

    Rule number 7!

    Men! I know all men loves flirting etc but you must be careful on who you are flirting with the person in which you are speaking or flirting to might be underage in which you can be arrested meaning that will be some jail time for you. Yes I do understand party in my dorm is a adult game meaning 17 years and over but we still have many children who still play this game.

    Rule number 7

    NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER give out what you work as it gives one an idea of what you work as and how much money u earn. Don't buy things from people for example many people use credit card blah blah for someone's account which is against the tou but something that may happen is they can steal money from ur account without you realising and no one will be able to help you.

    Rule number 8!

    Don't give out your number because your number contains an area code in which they can easily find out were and which place you are living.

    So I hope this advice has helped and people would use it I mean be safe or such cases like....
    Can happen to you!

    Just want to thank Zach for the helping of the bb codes and want to thank dez for giving some tips on rules.

    Ciara x
  2. I haven't read it.
    But I support.
    You do NOT know who is in the other side.
  3. These are all very good tips.
  4. Good job for informing party in my dorm.

    Bacon for PIMD president I will do nothing for the people and that's a promise.
    Vote for me
  5. I completely support this 100%, people do you to watch what they tell people especially girls. Be that personally information or pictures people need to not share so much and be careful
  6. Fuck rule number one
  7. Nice one,ciara 
  8. good job ciara
  9. Rule number 10 and a half.

    Don't post pictures on here using photobucket.

    Use imgur and opt for privacy ?
  10. Great job Ciara
  11. What about male safely ?
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  12. Thankyou all and I hope this thread has given you a few tips on how to keep safe 

    @ace I would have loved to do safety rules towards males but it will be difficult to speak on a males point of view on how one feels to keep himself safe if I can get a few tips on how he can protect himself I would love and be honoured to add to this thread and repost it  I think it is much easier for a male to protect himself because a males reputation is a lot easier then a female I mean yes we should we worries about both genders but a male is much stronger then a female and may defend himself yet again if anyone had more points or tips on safety please pm me I would love to add 

    Oh and thank you heaps Zach for helping me with coding and helping me out with what should and shouldn't be added 
  13. Wow Ciara great job, i appreciate you taking the time to write this thread. Thank you! And give me DV thanks
  14. Not to be nosey and all take pictures of urself shaving ur face?
  15. Dat rule #5 doe
  16. Thankyou raine 

    @achooo as said in my post you can post pictures In a safe way yes I have posted pictures of myself many people have seen pictures of me but I try my best to not make them inappropriate the picture of me shaving my face was for a laugh and my face was packed with shaving cream u were barely even able to see my face and I have had actual pictures of my face on here as well but some I do sadly regret but I can't take those pictures back can I? That's exactly why this thread is made is to be careful and I'm speaking on being safe.