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  1. 1. I need a new name. Post in the comments below. I’ll send out a chibi to the ones I like
    2. Update me on the latest forum tea
    3. Hi. I’m back (ish)
    And 4. What do you think part two of this hunt will be like?
  2. The latest forum tea is that ppl keep complaining that there is no tea. Altho honey whatever seems intent on shocking us all w her statements about her alleged baby daddy/pregnancy.

    What are your hobbies/some things about you again so I can try to come up w relevant names?
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  3. I play volleyball. I dance. I play trumpet. I’m always tired 😂 My favorite color is light blue. I love animals
  4. Green more good 😝
  5. Crumpet. Crumpets are yummy and it rhymes w trumpet.
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  6. Will gotta ask ata for it one coz some one it already so ata gotta take it back 1st
  7. No need to ask ATA anymore :)
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  8. They updated it so you don't need to anymore
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  9. Sinse when
  10. So much shit has change I waznt gone that long