Official Fan Kit

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 30, 2014.

  2. I am silenced
  3. What should i do about this? Im confused never did this before lol
  4. Send me shrads please please please please please
  5. Update please
  6. Yes i need it
  7. 5 years later... you need to update this asap...
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  8. I haven't a pc but wanna create an outfit
  9. Fan kit is like 5 years outdated, bub.
  10. Still can't create an avi with Android
  11. You can't create an avi with the fan kit at all regardless of your device
  12. What even is this?
  13. Here's a description of a fan kit (I haven't downloaded this one personally so I can't say for certain what it contains):
    So it's just some official PIMD art you can use to help you create fan art or fan fiction, and then share in the Fan Creations subforum. No one really uses them anymore afaik and I don't think ATA ever updated this fan kit.
  14. O :( I was kind of hoping you had opened, haha. I never did. Thank you though
  15. I'm about to go into work, but when I get home I'll download it and investigate on your behalf 😂
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  16. 😆😁 Yay, thank you. Haha. Idk why, my phone won't unzip the file 🙃
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  17. Only computers can unzip files, as Grant explained in the original post.
  18. Which one of you morons revived this outdated garbage?