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  1. What is the deal with trade offers?

    I often see these people in campus who say "WMO" after their post, and then if someone is shy and doesn't know what to offer, and sends the question back at them, they ignore them.

    Those items belong to you. You bought or earnt them in some way and have an idea about how hard they were to get!

    You know more about that item than the average stranger and yet you expect them to make an offer and are so unable to deal with the idea of making an offer, yourself, that you'd rather be rude and ignore them?

    You also know how you feel about that item. Do you really like it or do you hate it? Don't care?


    Grow a pair and don't be afraid to ask too much. You weren't getting a deal by being stubborn in the first place. Be stubborn with gusto.

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  2. Ppl say wmo and then delete offers they don't like. Like pls learn to negotiate, I think majority of people willing to make an offer would be willing to find a price you both agree on. If you're deleting offers you don't like then clearly you have a ballmark in mind; be up-front with that.
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  3. I never ignore offers unless they’re clearly lowballing. I’m not gonna waste my time responding to you when I have a flexible price in mind for a 499 but you offer me 10c for it.
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  4. @Yahoo mail,and that we were going in his first year of operation and the other is a Brenbon Dryden flight and you phone ☎
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  5. You tell 'em!
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  6. Ah yes- a Kefo forum I can agree with and get behind!
    But seriously, at the end of the day these types of traders just come off as hostile and stubborn. Imo trading is just as much about the social aspect as it is about the actual trading. By that I mean being a nice trader is just as important as being a good trader.