Not A Mod Contest

Discussion in 'Activities' started by SasshoIe, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Lemme know when it’s over. Ty
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  2. I'm game, checked with my club owner first.
  3. Support! Imma hold my rage for eternity.
  4. Lol
  5. Okayyyyyy Sass. ♥️🌚
  6. I'm interested 🤭
  7. I'm interested:)
  8. I'm in 🌚
  9. Sounds fun, I’m interested
  10. Count me in 🐑
  11. Ohhh I'm in
  12. I’m in! 😍
  13. Lol okok😂
  14. It's almost happening?? So excited💃🙌👯
  15. Ok guys! I'm too busy (lazy) to make a new thread all perfect. Let's make this happen already.

    Friday the 13th.
    9am Eastern time.
    30 hours to gather your complaints.
    Judges will be on my wall.

    Someone made me an adorable banner I'll be walling some of you as reminders. If I miss you, don't worry, I probably won't get everyone.
    Judges will be keeping an eye on walls as much as possible but wall/pm a judge if you feel your wall needs updated!
  16. I seriously thought it already happened. I’m a disgrace to my asian community.
  17. You know you were supposed to get complaints right? This is not collect cc banners contest.
  18. I'm in💙💀