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    If only this could be brought to you by a mod... With all the prizes being mod crates! Too bad you're stuck with me. It won't be quite as cool but it'll have to do.
    What is FarmFest?

    FarmFest is a community-driven event where the main goal is to collect as many complaints on your wall from people you've farmed within a set time period. Everyone starts at the same time, hitting and stripping other players to collect complaints. The complaints are added up and the person with the most complaints at the end wins.
    First place: 1 Mod crate
    Second place: 1 999ec
    Third place: 1 499ec
    Community favorite complaint: The community will vote for their favorite complaint and that person will win 1 pimd crate item
    The Whale Hunter: The player with the most LB (AKA VIP) complaints will 1 one pimd crate item
    How will it go down?

    Glad you asked. I will have approximately 10-15 judges who will go along counting complaints and posting on your wall how many you have. As you collect more, the judge will keep a running total by posting your wall with updated tallies. Judges are not participants and cannot win Farmfest, but are not immune to being hit.
    Judges will be entered into a drawing to win 1 pimd crate for their help.
    BuT i DoN't KnOw HOw 2 FaRMz

    I bet someone could have given you cool tips for this. I'll just tell you to figure it out. Get your complaint (point) and keep going.

    Sorry, but there have to be a couple of rules to ensure a more enjoyable experience:
    Judges can see if an account was just created, judges can see if you have 100 x 100kcs accounts posting your wall and you're 70mcs (that just wouldn't make sense), judges can see if your club is just posting your wall, judges can see if an account was just recently revived just to post a complaint, judges have their own...judgment, per se. That is to say, we will be actively searching out for people cheating and ruining the experience. This is meant to be fun!
    Only the first post from a single target count as a point. It is in your best interest to hit, get your point, move on.
    No one is off-limits
    Feel free to hire tutors before you hit
    Try to enjoy yourself. This is something different and is meant to be a nice diversion from hunts
    How do I enter!?

    Simple. Just comment down below and I'll create a list. This list will be available to the judges and from there we can jump between walls counting posts. In the thread which will be posted when FF starts will be links to every judge so you can wall them/pm them if you need points counted.
    Sounds fun, but I'm a terrible farmer/I don't even like crates&items&furnitures/I am just a SADBOI/I enjoy the administrative side of things

    Just follow me! As mentioned, I'll be looking for 10-15 judges from different TZs to count posts. The judges will come from different clubs to help with impartiality and to better find cheaters.
    Final comments

    The date is TBD, don't worry I won't spring it suddenly on you. The event will run 30 hours, so everyone from all TZs has a chance to win. I'd advise you to hit from BL/Pub/WC for active targets.
  2. I am interested
  3. This is such a fresh idea, nice job 👍🏻

    My only concern would be people paying other active players to post "complaints" on their walls. But maybe you have though of this already
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  4. Support
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  5. THIS IS IT 👏🏼
  6. Well this gotta happen
  7. Sign me up😎🌚
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  8. This cracks me up, lookin forward to the results
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  9. Time to play pub roulette sign me up
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  10. Ohhh sign me up
  11. I should be really really good at this one. Count me in.
  12. Im interested 👀
  13. I'm interested in participating!

    I would suggest have judges keep tallies on fight/dance/prank win:loss counts as well, especially the losses, to ensure players are actually hitting other players and not just asking people to complain on their wall like RoseMilkTea pointed out.
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  14. This is hilarious. I'll join
  15. This is incredibly entertaining.
  16. I wanna participate!!! Just hire Jillface’s tutors/steal the spotlight from her or wall her and you’ll for sure get a wall post from her and a block🤓
  17. I had to delete half my wall to find it again but totes worth. This will never not be funny to me

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