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Are you part of #NoMoneyMarch & want actual better changes to the game?

  1. Yes it’s ridiculous at this point

  2. No, I don’t care

  3. I’m in between with the changes

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  1. With the recent changes in PIMD and how it is affecting the community negatively, I am now curious where players stand, whether you are a new player or someone that’s been around for quite awhile now. I’ve been playing this game close to 3 years and I’ve seen the big money spender players get more of atas attention and more gifts/opportunities while for new players or players that rarely spend money on this game, it becomes harder for them to grow as quickly. And for some people (mostly the big spender players) they don’t care about the changes ata does as long as they keep getting spoiled or it stays easy for them to stay on top, not saying it’s every one of those players but most. But with the recent changes to the game I’m seeing even the high stat players starting to even get annoyed with what’s been happening. And if ata continues to do changes like this, the game will go downhill slowly but surely since this is a game highly dependent on its players, with nobody playing or spending money on here, the game dies.
  2. Exactly. And everyone: spread the word to your friends, clubs, campus and pub. The more people speak up and join us in this, the better chances we have of getting a good response from ATA. We have to show them that the majority of players disapprove of the recent changes.

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