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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by JETHRO_TheTutorGuy, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Shouldn't this be revised since the new 2.8t came out on black friday and stats went out the roof... Is it possible to get this upto date ???
  2. Thanks I have a list of op tuts rn
  3. I am good at working helping others
  4. 7+ days of nothing
  5. When I upgraded my per hit value decreased instead of increase pls help me
  6. Up your tuts value
  7. Someone please buy my tutors all of em
  8. Good thing I always forget it
  9. Thanks for this.
  10. Ok. But what is you RS is your tut and you don’t want the person to hiring him or her. Is very aggravating to be loosing coins because other players they feel like to annoy. Now this guy BRADVO I sent a report. Hopefully you do something it. Mod or who ever is in charge.
  11. Money talks. If you want your rs so bad, ug to hire them back.
  12. They way under priced no wonder they keep being taken. Btw ata just gonna laf at u n insta close the ticket
  13. Hire my tuts!!
  14. So this guy Gosht keeps hiring me . I tried to asked him nicely not to hire me. I think I’m overpriced and my RS has to beg or seek for help. He kept hiring out of spite to aggravate players. If you want players to be able to enjoy this game. I really suggest that you need to have some sort of rules and sometime to deactivate their accounts. Not fair for people who pays for your game or to spend money and get attacked by others. And I think this part of PIMD’s strategy. I really need your help. My Rs spent around $300.00 US dollars. To buy ECs and DNS.
  15. So what if you're overpriced? It doesn't ruin gameplay at all.
  16. You said that because of your stats are and the other person way to rude bu replying at Monæ. But if it happens but if happens to You, it might get annoyed . Did not appreciate your answer and it was not meant for you to reply. Was to the Moderators.