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  1. Shh
  2. This thread is as old as miundies
  3. Preettty old undies
  4. Is buying max tb and tut trading still relevant with these high dorm prices? If so please explain.
  5. Hiring tutors has 3 effects
    1) provides max plunder when you've invested 15b for every mcs of your hase stats
    2) provides bonus stats
    3) when people hire your tutor, you receive 61/60ths of what you paid back, so it is a way of making money.
  6. it's better to say that when people hires your tutor, u get 1.5% of what you had paid
  7. Still doesn't seem enough to pay for these expensive dorms.
  8. Don't worry about a calculator

    2 2 - 1 = 3

    Quick maths
  9. Up and op are perceptional. My pup doesn't think I'm op
  10. :O pretty sure you are one of the most op players I've seen
  11. Idk about that
  12. you haven't seen a lot of players huh
  13. There’s probably quite a few 10 kcs players that are more OP than OP. Since they usually ask for vollies constantly.
  14. My status is 12 mcs wht value of tut should i hire to get max plunder
  15. You need 180B in tuts to get max plunder.

    Formula: your mcs (Or kcs) / 1000 x 15,000,000

    If your money per hit stays the same then you're at your max.