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  1. Sorry Lillie but just as an aside, you talk about 'extensive knowledge of the game' yet you'd never heard of a51 as a club on a third party app the other day and had no clue what anyone was talking about. This is despite a51 being one of the biggest clubs in the game with 3 clubs in top 10 VIP at one point. You kept thinking the talk was about you because you had alien in your name.

    If you want to rant about knowledge, surely having knowledge of the history of a game, or bothering to learn about the game goes with that. A 10k player who has played 120days knows nothing of the history of Pimd, some of the great players, clubs, wars etc that have gone on in the past. If being a mod is just about waving a silencing stick about then great but if it involves knowing about the game (and not just the mechanics) then no, with that little experience you don't.

    At one point in time mods had to have shown a contribution to the community so when they were announced, people knew who they were as they'd done something. THAT's the kind of thing people are possibly querying, not that they didn't get mod.....
  2. Kinda sad how back then just a handful of mods could lock down WC, and now they need so many and most aren't even on.
  3. Congrats Honey
  4. Guess I better stay off forums now. I'll be forum banned in a hot second.
  5. 
  6. Sure sure. But srsly hmu when you're legal bby. I can shmoogle your shmaggle.
  7. I'm all for new mods and sure you can say that stats don't show your knowledge of the game. I've seen plenty of BCs who don't know what tutors are but how are you gonna say a mod who doesn't have enough invested in tutors can be helpful and is knowledgeable? How is a mod supposed to help new players grow or answer players questions without understanding the concept of tutors?
  8. Also Lillie, people here have every damn right to voice their opinion.... A 10k player clearly has no idea about many of the game dynamics that a 4yr BC would..
    And No, I've never applied to be a mod, and never would..
    Not a salty person here.. Im also not a idiot to take on a second job with no pay and endless drama thrown at me
  9. The game has grown and they expect far more players to join pimd. We do have real life commitments as well, I've tried telling my boss pimd is more important but he didn't listen?
  10. SIN SWEET?
  11. Congrats, Sinderella and everyone!!!!
  12. YES

  13. You nailed it
  14. To be fair you cannot expect everyone to have played 4 years or more lol
  15. Well said Casper :roll:
  17. Congrats Sinderella and everyone!!!
  18. Hs and Mod(honey)
    Should make a special colour for her like turquoise (green and blue mixed)
  19. you know something... you are sooooooo cool! just kidding. Do you really expect every mod to know EVERY club ever made? Omg, I am sorry that I have been playing for 1 year and 8 months and do not know every club out there. Stats do not matter on a player, I know a 4 year old player who is 10kcs..... if they got mod would you still complain? You just find anything you can to pick on players.
  20. Congrats to all our new mods! Cant wait to see what u guys do!
    Some of you i know truly derve it, the others i cant wait to see what you guys do!

    I guess this means i have new people to annoy with my questions, and give you guys a break. ( Jon, Ahli, blutzy and foot)

    Honey, just be awear ill be blowing up your pms every hunt to lock my gifting threads
    Lillie, i guess this meams ur off the hook, but dont worry i still need your grammar fixing skills

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