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  1. For all the haters that are hating on the new mods:
    When has stats ever mattered for mod? Someone can't be small stats but have extensive knowledge of the game? What if someone is small? They can know so much about this game easily if they get help while learning as well as read the guides.
    So what if they don't post on forums? Players HAVE to be on forums to be mods? They could help out the community by campus or walls. OMG! "new to forums lol shouldn't be a mod" stuff like that is stupid, no one is obligated to do stuff that everyone else does.
    These mods, out of hundreds of applicants, felt the most mod worthy from the devs. Are y'all that salty that you have broken the rules and or that you weren't picked, that you have to pick on these amazing people? Think before you speak...Have some damn respect.
  2. Lille shut up please. You sound very ass kissy.
  3. LadyDynamite is :)
  4. Sounds like your the only salty one here
  5. Not much better 
  6. Lillie* and why would I be kissing ass? I have a right to defend my friends...k thanks.
  7. Correct.. Spilling her little heart on these long texts.. I'm sure not many of us even applied.
  8. lmao this thread is great.
  9. its not working u broke it dammit :lol: jk
  10. Lel imagine DarkRose, NeonWolf, J31, Spiny, Nekkie, and the other old mods laughing at this.
  11. You mean like mod mrsperez did?
  12. Entertainment right here lol
  13. Surprise you even got friends 
  14. Are you 18 yet? 
  15. Being helpful hmm last time I checked very few of these people are very helpful 3/4 of them are hardly on so getting help isn't usually an option. The last time I did something nice for the players ata basically slapped me in the mouth and told me better luck next time. So if that's how you act to us why do you expect us to help them or did you simply forget that you actually do discriminate against us you guys have screwed me over so many times thru out the years why should I help others when you don't help us.
  16. You're stupid lol.

    Some of them are very known.

  17. Well, this is one of the most uneducated ignorant posts I've seen in ages 
  18. I'm 19 :roll:
  19. Lbh Lillie is not even worthy to be a mod jk touch hate on this thread
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