New Items: Party Vehicles

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  2. Bet it's a private jet.
  3. Helicopter or private jet
  4. Wow, so cool ? great progress. Make this game better woo-hooo
  5. You cool.. I like you
  6. Love the idea!

    It's nice to meet you, Strange ?
  7. I like it. Maybe make the limos and yachts buyable with ec?
  8. I really like this idea! I was just saying how we need something like this
  9. welcome welcome

    also, lol @ this concept. flashes werent op enough huh 
  10. Really love this idea! Thank you I actually won two of these today and needed to make sure I use them correctly 

    I would like to see an exclusive VIP party invite that would allow everyone in the party extra cash payout ?
  11. Bro, if you designed that limo and ship I would love to see your avatars. Show us your avatar ideas. Welcome to the family.
  12. A cool new design would be if you can give us the ability to extend a party when time is running out. It can even be tiered pricing like pay X to add 15 minutes. If time is running out again, you can add another 15 minutes for 2x, and another 15 minutes for 3x, and so on. Just a thought.
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  13. Not a bad idea :D
  14. It was meant for -Gunz- :(
  15. Support. Very goood idea. Every club could use this.
  16. What of adding a rocket ship?
  17. Cool its a good idea