New Honour Student!

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  1. Doesn’t sound very impactful if Ata haven’t recognised that person and you’re trying to get them to recognise her.
  3. i have a huge impact on pimd? SPECIAL girls? and boys who's gf I stole.

    Vote for THE ZYIED!!!
  4. No
  5. We already have enough Indians though
  6. Stop
  7. So very much deserved, congratulations!!!???
  8. Ffs this should be locked
  9. Necrobumps will always be a thing
  10. agreed
  11. Who is the next HS? I vote one of the nerds that’s here 24/7 no life,writes corny stuff following the Coc/toc, and drives the speed limit.
  12. It's never too late to congratulate Lily, the gem.
  13. curses...ive never driven under 140 in my life
  14. ✅✅
  15. Aw so great!
  16. Another ata kiss ass lol
  17. Couple of months late, equal stats nub.
  18. 10/10f
  19. another 10/10f because you're in a cc club.