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Discussion in 'Other PIMD Discussion' started by Thana, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Okay so this new forum thing is really inconvenient for me i cant find ANYTHING IM LOOKING FOR like the stories thing used to be so easy but now its hard and especially for me being visually impaired its hard to see and understand and it just makes absolutely no sense so i have come to avoid forums but i assume thats just my issue so maybe some tips into understanding it? HELP THIS BLIND B*TCH OOUUTT :((((
  2. Honestly, it just takes a bit of practice and you'll be a pro!
    @Kefo made a really good thread with tips- I'll find it and link it for you.

    Edit- Okay, idk how to link threads anymore. Lmao
    But search "Getting started in new forums" and you'll find Kefo's guide. You search by clicking the little magnifying glass at the top of the main forums page.
  3. Took you awhile 🤔
    Just click “New Posts” to see everything. Much easier
  4. If you know the forum title (or can at least remember part of it) you can click the little gear icon on the right of the search bar and have it only look for those words in titles. It helps to narrow it down if you know the author too.
  5. And then click “recent posts” so you get what is basically the equivalent to the “Active Topics” page
  6. It is a bit confusing in the beginning. But it’ll get easier over time 😊 Like Sherily said, I highly recommend checking out Kefo’s guide!
  7. Watch the important threads to get notified