New Club Feature: Gold Pass

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  1. I like *thumbs up*
  2. being kicked out of a club and having your pass revoked/99 ecs wasted seems like it would cost messiness though lmao
  3. So I guess president is not included in "anyone" from what I can tell the president of a club cannot leave without disbanding club or handing club to someone else. Which is very frustrating. As president of a club I would like to still do quick cat sessions without the hassle of having to make changes of who's in charge. I feel personally victimized. Thanks ATA
  4. I feel this on a spiritual level
  5. Praise the lords someone vocalized it!
  6. Great idea very useful
  7. Thanks for the knowing
  8. Yes ! Gold pass, finally i go to final
  9. That’s real decent sort like a vip club
  10. Its nice tbh
  11. Can you have multiple passes? How many
    can you have?
  12. So I have a gold pass and my name was gold in chat for a while now back to black?!? How do I fix?
  13. Uh did you activate a care pack because that’s the only known way to get a gold name atm unless devs officiate you get a gold name for having the pass
  14. I didn't understand, how can we find this?
  15. Now if we give up our pass does it go back to the president?
  16. THANK YOU! I was just coming in here to say something to this effect. Would love an update so that the club president can come and go too with the gold pass.
  17. I updated but didnt receive the pass...
  18. No pass option here either, and yes i have the latest and greatest install! Guess I just wait.
  19. I haven't seen the gold pass yet. I upgraded the game like the site said and still nothing. Anyone else having this problem?