New Club Feature: Gold Pass

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Strange how no mention it would cost 99ec. Another money making idea from ata.
  2. lol y its need ecs.. Ata make one ecs club too 
  3. All this usages about that card updated .. Y don't u just say its need ecs to buy lol
  4. Thanks

  5. You can give it to another member once you revoke their use of it.
  6. Ty
  7. Done updates and settings for gold pass
  10. Woohooo nice feature
  11. This is an great improvement for sure
  12. It would be worth it, if you had better amounts of Extra credits/online currency for the price we pay for ecs. 1 dollar is not worth the 10 ecsyou try to make us pay. you'd make more money if you gave better quanity of extra credits for the money we pay. ? if you want my business advice? As someone who is a consumer for products, im telling ya get better prices that'll satify the players and your income of app purchases will rise. This pass is worth atleast 5 extra credits, the price now is a rip off.
  13. Can a club president use it and leave a club and come back as a president? I am confused
  14. There is no way to revoke a gold pass from sumone who leaves the club with it. If they never return. Or quit game. I loose the pass. And. I also beleive it blocks a member spot. Just like. Invites. So once sumone leave club with a pass. I loose pass and. Member spot. Till they return. Find a way to make pass revokeable, while they are out of club. Cuz on this game. People quit. People leave...
  15. Nevermind. U can. Scroll all way down of members. And revoke pass