New Club Feature: Gold Pass

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  1. This is amazing! 
  2. O like the idea so ppl can easily hop
  3. Question: a president with a Gold Pass can leave club without it being disbanded? I saw the pictures are from an account that is president. It will make no sense to give a pass to a president if this person cant use it
  4. Ofc lol
  5. Yayyyyyy 
  6. Yassssssss
  7. All yall excited until you realize it costs 99 fücking ec, and then not to mention you can get a max of 5, I get the ec part but WHY SO MUCH, yall dont even give us enough offers to complete to get ec easily so this game is still a pay to win.

    My opinion is valid still k bye thats my 2 fücking cents
  8. Simple fix, set admin position and titles manually, everything else manually. Don’t just complain about something that has an easy fix you can literally ignore this whole feature really
  9. I think is cool and it could really help admins
    1. Tbh i agree it can be limit by some time
    2.Tbh 99ecs is too much i could go lower with price for example 15-20ecs
    3.I agree with u can get us option to get more passes 15-25 will be enough
    4. U can let us more that one for free for example 5, another 5 can be for 15ecs=1pass and another 5 passes for 20ecs= 1pass basicly like with admins cost
  10. Also it can be under manage invites u can add section gold passes and we could so see who have gold pass and how long is valid if it would be limited by time
  11. Clever and very helpful idea!!!
  12. Can I have more than 1 gold pass, means for 2 clubs and up?
  13. So since I paid the 99 extra credit if I get kicked or decide to perm somewhere else does that mean that slot is already paid for and I can go past there at no extra cost
  14. Yes
  15. Does that mean when one pass disappears and you have to buy it again Or you can give it to anyone member ?
  16. Another member*
  17. hi bethany 