New Club Feature: Gold Pass

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. So it wasnt explained very well at aall in this forum post tbh. But so far I believe only the VP and pres can give out the passes but any admin can buy more. The club gets one freee and for each new one we want to unlock it costs 99ec. The most the club can own is 5
  2. Like a 10 or 15 max might have been helpful? But 5 is trash especially when it costs 99ec
  3. & I appreciated that I just wish it was mentioned. Get a person excited for a cool feature then its like nope! Gotta pay.
  4. Can we pause on the every week updates? It's exhausting.
  5. Omg yes
  6. You failed to mention it’s 99ecs that’s kinda steep tbh especially because it really takes no effort for an admin just to let you back into your club and give you powers back.
  7. Beautiful! when are we going to have a club ban feature?
  8. Great idea. Maybe we could have more than just max 5 but other than that super fun idea. I also noticed you updated the activity check on members saying when the last time they were on which helps with activity checks. So awesome job on the club updates.
  9. far, this is the update that i like!
  10. Got excited when I saw gold pass but after the update and saw the maximum of 5 especially the 99ec price damnnnn no thanks. Why would you pay for somsomething you can do for free, just wait for your turn to be accepted.
  11. You’re really charging 99ec for them and you can only have 5 total? ?
  12. Or we can just keep using merc passes ..  Atas gonna start charging people ec to comment on other peoples wall soon omg
  13. ...I swear if you just jinxed it...
  14. No thanks. 99 ecs is absurd when you can just let them back in for free.
  15. That’s pretty great! Thank you
  16. I see where Ata came in with this one.
    The features of having the stat requirements on the club and it’s on a certain level if people can come in.
    That’s if an admin is around they don’t need to constantly look at the door. (Remember it’s to certain requests)
    Ex: If this club requires 20 mcs and this person wants to fine them this Willy Wonka Golden Ticket 
    They can come and go as they please.
    As a player too, I can see where it’s so expensive.
    Having more then just 5 would been amazing. Like 10-15? Max 20?