New Club Feature: Gold Pass

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. The profile update is cute asf too. I like seeing my pet so big tbh. ?
  2. It's very convenient but the 5 person limit and how only one is free then you have to pay 99ecs is kinda a bummer -
  3. If we could issue passes with an expiry, that would be awesome too. Like setting it for 1-7 days depending on the club rules, to issue to people who merc out. That way they don't have to wait at the door when they finish a session, but the feature also can't be abused. ?
  4. Agreed. This would also be a nice feature to have for kitty clubs!
  5. Bit annoying that only 1 is free then you have to pay for the rest...
  6. :[ 99ecs. Time to issue the merc gold pass to my alt and no one else.
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  7. How about an IP address Club banned to prevent unwanted troublemakers, returning to club.
  8. Interesting. Wish it didn't cost 99ecs.
  9. There is a "sort of" solution to this for the time being... have all admin block the person, and check profiles before accepting. If they're on their block list, it's a nope. ??‍♀️
  10. 99ecs? They had us in the first round ngl.
  11. I’m loving all these new club updates/features, they’re super great ? rip about the cost tho  we’ll all just have to share
  12. Actually kinda wish you could have more than 5 passes
  13. Love this!  Wish it wasn’t limited to five though, but great job! 
  14. Amazing new feature!!! Thanks Ata ;)
  15. Love it. It's one of those rare awesome ideas ata gets right once in a millennium. Gotta wait another 1000 years now for the next awsm idea, and hope that its related to war.
  16. It wouldve been nice if you mentioned firsthand that it wasnt a free feature.
  17. They give you one for free though?
  18. Wait. No mention of 99 ec on the original post. Wow. Way to hide your money grabbing intentions. I take back my previous feedback.