STORY PASS Neon Masquerade

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  1. Can we get that Rosa Neon from future hunt boxes too
  2. The guy who gift me the mask on my accepted gift. 5B tho
  4. Lol just a heads up for anyone doing the VIP mask. You have to gift someone one of the VIP masks or else you're pretty much stuck

  5. Correct
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  6. Interesting twist there πŸ€” I was just comparing the price of this one to the previous two earlier today, noticing the initial price difference. I think I like this.
  7. it's interesting, but it sucks for the people who buy the story pass with bentos because they have no ec
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  8. That's literally what I just told Lyssa.
  9. Yeah, that does suck. I think what I like most about it, is that you're gifting it forward. You get the t3 and send a t2 to someone. πŸ€” I bet people will sell that too πŸ˜‚
  10. Yes to get
    rosa neons and you also need to buy cc to complete the tasks
  11. Wish I didn’t buy it πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ spent ec to have to buy more ec. Not worth it in my opinion
  12. You choose cash version but you still need to spend ecs for opening hunt box?
  13. you can get the roses by opening lite boxes and timer boxes for this hunt.
    dont need to buy cc. you can do 13(?) DIY tattoos.
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  14. i see. Thanks for that. I hope i get some roses to progress with the story
  15. We only get two lite boxes a day and timer takes 8 hours each and you need 200 roses so you do the math

  16. It isnt certain you "nees" 200 roses, that is the max. The drops or roses can occur after the quest(?) You're right, timer boxes do take time, however speed-up capsules are story rewards and can be earned from the spinner. Yes, two lite boxes a day - but that is a lot IF you allow them to stack and do not open immediately upon receiving.
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  17. For anyone who bought the 99ec for Bentos hoping to get the VIP story... Do you actually get it bc if you look in the store to buy the mask you will be able to buy 2 because it says you don't already have it in your showcase?! Idk tho?
  18. ummm 200/5=40 days

    almost 6 weeks minimum to spend minimum amount of money sounds right. give up money to be a whale, give up time to be a f2per.
    got plenty of things to help you out though. speed ups from doing lite box quests/spinner, ata gives free lite boxes constantly, ec from spinner adds up quick for keys. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
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  19. uhh this is worded weirdly. I assume you're asking about the "free" masks. Those get you the 35/35 avi.

    I gifted my rs the story passes and they work fine for her so.
  20. This is out of the blue question is there a thread where it tells how much Hunt boxes old and new sell for using chibis or shards?