STORY PASS Neon Masquerade

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  1. TE="-_-DrUnK_in_tHe_Po0l-_-, post: 5121714, member: 1118966545"]Is this ending soon?[/QUOTE]
    I think I saw a message that said it was ending in 2 weeks but haven’t seen any other post about it🤔. Hopefully not tho there are people that just recently started the story that would suck for them💀
  2. I think I saw a message that said it was ending in 2 weeks but haven’t seen any other post about it🤔. Hopefully not tho there are people that just recently started the story that would suck for them💀[/QUOTE]
    i was just planning on getting it too smh
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  3. I think the only thing that’s going away for this is the mask in the gift store. I received a notification about it ending, but probably just the gifting part. Cuz when I saw the notification, I immediately buy one from a seller, and my story started. The story didn’t have a time limit.
  4. Anyone know the complete announcement of:

    "If you still need to gift a Venetian story pass to a fellow player to progress through your story, y..."

    I cant view the announcement anymore after looking that notif on upper phone screen.
  5. It says you're running out of time
  6. Does the rosa stopped dropping for everyone? because i have opened over 20+ boxes in 2 days and haven't got any.
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  7. One of the tasks in the story pass is to gift the mask to someone else (M or F) but if the masks won’t be available in two weeks time what does that mean for that task? will they change that task to something else?
    mom curious...
  8. The story pass itself might end sometime bfre bf hunt, when does bf hunt start?
  9. I don't know what am I supposed to do 😂
    It is still there in my story section thou and I am stuck in the gifting phase..
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  10. You'll have to send in a help ticket asking them to take the story out, because you won't be able to finish it.
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  11. Did ATA took it off for anyone yet after you asked to? Just curious since I sent ticket and still waiting ...
  12. Big oof.
  13. I'm confused about why there is a time limit on a purchased vip story pass. I'm on the second to last section of this and the drop rate for neon rosas for me is about 3 a day if I'm lucky. I still need 50 to pass to the last section. There is no way I'm going to get that amount in 12 days. Kinda upset knowing that I might not get to finish this after all the time and money i spent on it.
  14. There’s no way I’m getting 59 rosas with this horrible drop rate in 11 days. Fun while it lasted tho it sucks bc I have enough necklaces to finish the story but these damn flowers smh
  15. That's my issue with the whole story pass. The drop rate for the rosa is slim and they're putting a time limit on it after we spent cash to get the vip story pass. If we pay cash for it we should have no time limit as to when we finish it.
  16. Exactly! Seen as I'm on the second to last part and I only have 7 days to get a drop of 50ish rosas still and I've played every day since I paid for the Vip story pass. Irritated I'm definitely not gonna get to finish after spending all this time and money on it.
  17. Why, without an advice, the quest become a time quest?
  18. I don't think it's fair to put an end time to a quest that we bought with our own money. When you were removing it from the gifts you literally rushed people to spend money to get it and then put a time limit for it to be completed. My maths aren't that good but even if you play 24/7 you cant gather all the stuff needed without spending more money.
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  19. Wait.... There's time limit? Because mine doesn't show any of that, just that I need to finish collecting the last stage necklaces.... Me scawed 🌝
  20. I can't find where it said this story expires, can somebody please tell me when cuz I'm on the last task and I really want to finish it before it goes away!