STORY PASS Neon Masquerade

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  1. i am doing story pass M, and reached to last to forth task, if i get story pass F in gift now.. will it start from beginning? or it will crash ?
  2. buying female venetian mask 🦊
  3. Selling VIP venetian mask for 2🍱 wm
  5. Buying (F) Venetian mask for 2🍱
    Wall me if selling
  6. You will have to start back from the beginning. If you purchased and completed the non-VIP F mask then you will be able to start just at the beginning of the VIP tasks though.
  7. Selling one mask (your choice of m or f) for 2b
  8. Selling mask. Wall me 💕
  9. Selling VIP MASK 3B wmid 🎭🎭

    ⚠️VIP MASK is NOT Tarot pass ⚠️
  10. Anyone selling mask? I can only afford 2b unfortunately
  11. Selling one VIP Venetian Mask for 3b WM thx :)
  12. Sold already 👀
  13. Looking to buy any vip Venetian mask. I don't have bentos but I'll give up most of my stat stuff and chibis since I can't buy it from the store. Wall me
  14. ✨Buying VIP Venetian Mask F for 2b✨
  15. Selling venetian mask for bentos💙 wmo💙
  16. Buying 1 VIP M Venetian Mask (for my rs) 3 bentos!!

    Wall or add me if deal
  17. What is the last mission of the maquerade quest to get the last avi?
  18. Selling 1 VIP Venetian Mask WMO
  19. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how stpry passes work? I bought one for F.a.m.e. and Fortune but no new stories have popped up and I can’t sell it. I don’t know what to do with it! Please help
  20. You might have to buy the corresponding cash pass first