STORY PASS Neon Masquerade

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  1. this is ridiculous
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  2. I hope the concurrent completion issue is fixed. Previous story passes had no issues with concurrent completion. Many of us bought both before this thread came out, and I hope our excitement does not bite us. 😢

    That being said, the avis look lovely. I remember a user suggesting a Venetian hunt recently in forums! ATA has been doing a great job at listening to hunt suggestions lately.
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  3. Ok I really wish y'all would've released this post when the masks came out. Most of us have already bought both stories
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  4. Wait, wait wait. You have to open boxes too?? 🙁
    What is this nonsense?
  5. Rip broken story 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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  6. umm roses drop from lite boxes and timer boxes.

    you spending money to get the rose is your problem not theirs. you chose to do it.
    I got my rose first lite box 🤠
  7. Lite boxes work too
  8. It also said “may” maybe it won’t happen :/
  9. You get roses from event boxes so you can choose to open boxes with keys or wait to get lite and timer boxes 😕
  10. Opened 2 lite boxes and a timer nothing. Then opened boxes to try and complete it nothing. You might’ve gotten lucky but drop rate is still pretty trash and it’s annoying that’s even a needed thing to complete a story you already paid for.
  11. Well I guess mines gonna break or not get completed. I don’t have $ for opening boxes 😭
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  12. Well 🤔 that's something I guess.

    Can you gift/trade the roses?
  13. How many necklaces do you have to collect for the non vip avas?
  14. How can you get the neon pet boxes? hmmm
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  15. I agree with u on the hunt thing but ATA does still have a problem with listening to other suggestions that players make that dont involve current or.future hunts
  17. Do you have unlimited time to complete these stories once u start?
  18. That is why I specificed that I was talking about hunt suggestions.
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  19. if I got the $ mask will it mess up if I get the ec one after??