Need help pricing some old items

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  1. Hey, so I’ve been gone for 4/5 years (since around March 2016) and someone’s just given me a big list of things they’d like to buy from me and I’m really struggling to value them with the new chibi/bento system, even with the existing guides, as I’ve just not been around to see how in-demand/rare all the items have become. If you could you help me price any of the items below that would be so helpful 💙

    The smell of freedom

    New in box skultron

    Refurbished skultron


    Origami unicorn

    Nuclear bottled water

    Boxbot 3000

    Fishbowl helmet

    Space sand

    Food capsules

    Lava cake

    Choux a la creme

    Four-leaf cupcake

    Sweet temptations

    Locker skeletons

    Whine cancelling headphones

    Soothing creme

    Thirst quencher

    Pokey throw

    Beach crabs

    Smoking weenie

    Beach balls

    Sleazerin ring

    Recycled skateboard art

    Comficamp supramelon tent

    Campulon sleep n walk

    Deluxio inflatocouch

    No clue blue

    Peter pantsless the flying monkey

    Bashful owl

    Watermelon shark
  2. Ask kefo, he usually collects old items so i’m sure he’d kno the prices and such.
  3. Thank you 😊 yeah I sent him a message but if anyone else knows some that would be helpful as I don’t want to bother him too much! I’m sure he gets requests like this a lot 😄
  4. Oh don’t worry, kefo loves answering questions i see him in pub and campus helping people all the time.
  5. @Nate help a person out 🤡
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  6. Awww that’s so lovely!
  7. oh baby.. that list hurtedd, kefo would do a better job than I would tbh em items v old.