LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Myth Fulfillment: A Story Pass

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  1. I have done so many flashes and have now hit 43 Thousand Blossoms with NO Puppy. Pretty infuriating. Should have found it by now. I know how you feel πŸ˜’
  2. It's ridiculous how some are getting it within 1-2 parties but for others it takes dayssss. It's bs
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  3. I think it’s more that some of you are just a lot luckier than others. Lol
  5. It continues after you get the tier 2 avatar, as long as you make the good choices that lead to it. There’s a guide in another post that someone is updating on what you get for each tier, recommended choices you should pick, etc. but you’ll be making more decisions as you progress. :)
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  6. Awww man 😒 I’d gift you my extra if they were giftable. I’m sorry, I hope you find one soon!
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  7. Is there a post about the story tier and rewards for this one yet?
  8. So, I'm last the amount of Narcissus Flowers needed, but the puppy still hasn't dropped. To be fair, my club has been doing all Black Cat Cafes. Is that affecting the drop or???
  9. Oop, my bad. *past
  10. Honestly, it shouldnt.. I got my two from the Black Cat Cafes. Not sure why the odds are so random and hard to get for some people. I’m sorry πŸ˜•
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  11. 32k flowers and no puppy. Luck is πŸ’©
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  12. Another loophole story pass lile the VENETIAN MASK.🌚
  13. Like*
  14. Anyone selling this story male?
  15. If anyone is selling the vip (F) pass I'm interested!
  16. πŸ—puppy, c'mere pwease
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  17. Lol....not so hard to get puppies i got 3 already
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  18. U giving us time limit again? πŸ™„πŸ™„ U know its pretty frustrating...and again it will be cut if we dont make..πŸ™„πŸ™„
  19. Don't laugh at others misery just cause you were lucky
  20. Wait, at 79000, I'd be crying if you didn't get 3 😹