my stinky baby

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  1. god. why are you so smelly?
  2. hey. bigchina here
  3. you are an idiot
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  4. i am not an idiot.
  5. This is old
    But it made me laf
  6. Put it in the oven
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  7. Lock this, it’s old and has no point
  8. In b4 lock
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  9. Lock every thread.. old and new they’ve got no point
  10. Y'all haters are nasty stinky baby.

    god. why are you so smelly?
  11. @Trendsetting hasn't took a shower in days.. he thinks mud baths still help.. maybe that's why his hair is nappy and dirty.. you need clean water and soap dude.. stop drying off with bread crumbs
  12. You look like you don't wash your ass. You look like you smell like chitlins, corn chips and feet
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. that's an ironic username