My friend got permabanned for no reason, please help

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  1. A few days ago, a friend of mine tried to log in on PIMD, but was met with the EXPELLED screen. She tried to message support to repeal the ban but everytime she attempts to open a ticket she gets an “invalid session”. She can’t log out to make a temp account to contact support, and upon reinstalling the app she was automatically logged in and still couldn’t reach out to ATA support. Since she couldn’t, I contacted support myself and they were unhelpful and closed the ticket before we resolved the issue. So now I’m reaching out to the forums on her behalf to see if anyone can help her.

    It’s super frustrating and weird that she got banned without warning and on her first offense. She, like myself, is an active member who spends money on this game. I find it so strange that this happened all of a sudden. Any sort of advice or help is appreciated.
  2. Have your friend delete the game, wait a year, then like send a paragraph to ATA what they’ve learned from their mistake and that might work 🤔
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  3. Its still linked to her phone 🤷🏻‍♀️ tell her to reset her whole phone then download pimd again and she can make another account
  4. Or use another device. Does she have a tablet? Or a computer? On the computer she can use an Android phone emulator and use it to make a throwaway account so that she can contact support.
  5. It’s rare (as in never happens) that someone gets perma-banned for no reason.

    It’s likely that you’re friend was continuously breaking T.O.U and just never learned their lesson. (This has happened before)
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  6. She’s never even been silenced before, let alone been given a warning. That’s why I find this whole thing really odd
  7. This might be the best option at this point. I don’t get why they don’t do out of game support anymore
  8. Regardless of the issue, your friend is better off taking it up with ATA rather than forums 😊
  9. I mean that’s the issue. Support hasn’t been helpful whatsoever. They didn’t even want to look into the issue. This thread has honestly been more helpful
  10. They wouldn't have perm banned without reason. Even if they didn't have any history of getting silence it could have been an offence that does not require a warning.
  12. Yeah, have your friend read over the game Terms of Service. Some offenses that come to mind are selling in-game items for real world currency, account sharing/trading/selling, and being under 17 or soliciting other under 17. Perhaps your friend could come across a rule she was violating without realizing it was against the rules.

    Plus, if your friend is able to get in contact with ATA, being knowledgable about ToU can help speed things along and/or help your friend make her case for un-expulsion.
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  13. Thanks. I’m pretty sure the ban will repealed, the big issue is trying to contact ATA support. It’s been a struggle and it’s honestly pretty awful for a game that has a large user base and buyable content. I’ve never had this big of an issue with any other game’s customer support before
  14. Lol noob. They don't repeal bans
  15. Actually, @ToddyWoddy got his expulsion removed before. It was late 2018 or early 2019, I believe.
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  16. As several people have already stated, perm bans do not require a warning, and are usually for a good reason.

    If your friend broke ToU then I can’t really say that ATA is obligated to help the come back to the game. If you’ve already been in contact with support and they’ve stated they will not lift the ban it’s best to respect that and move on.
  17. Don't give the noob hope
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  18. I bet she was <17. 🙃

    Ban them. Ban them all!
  19. Hi, like everyone else has said, writing to forums won't do any good for your friend. If your friend got expelled, there was probably a good reason for it, as that's the extreme action taken against players/accounts that break ToU.

    She can try to send in a help ticket for more clarification on why she was expelled and try to appeal by using a new account or asking another friend (or you again) to send in a ticket on her behalf (though she ultimately will still need to talk to them herself).

    Locking now!
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