My First Day On Pimd

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  1. What stuff you talking I only have one thing there 
  2. I got silenced on my first day for showing boobs
  3. errrrrr continuation pls..
  4. Just want to share something new happened to me here on pimd few days back.
    When I opened pimd two days back I was happily surprised seeing some of the post on campus

    I saw one girl (won't disclose her name ) posted on campus

    "Selling my Underwear for your "

    I was like pinching myself seeing is it true ,read it again and saw same again and many others also posting same that my underwear for dvp or tutor strip or rp etc ( I thought maybe now ata has started courier service too wow )

    I followed that girl quickly and asked her are you really selling your own underwear here ? She said yes. I was like wow  (thinking must be the one which she wearing now, wow )

    I asked her, What you want for your underwear ?
    She said maybe dvp or Ts.
    I asked you sure you'll give me your underwear for dvp or Ts here on pimd.
    She said yes why not
    I was like on ninth cloud.
    I said I'll give whatever amount she wants after all I was so desperate to have her underwear( maybe the one she wearing )
    We agreed for 10 b and I gave her same
    Later to my disappointment she send me house of spirit underwear ( pimd new spin drop )
    I wanted to tell her that she scanned me as I was thinking of real underwear but what I got was 1kcs gift 

    Moral of the story : Ata should not play with feelings of innocent boy like me by bringing underwear gifts and all and people should also not say on campus I'm selling my underwear as people like me get wrong perception and later 
  5. This was my most recent experience on pimd
  6. Support
    I was like that too ppl selling undies here now like wtf
  7.  More please
  8. ROFL... Good one Dion. Can't wait for the next. o_O
  9. Dion the panty raider :lol:

    You never fail to surprise me
    Support as always ?
  10. Where's the next update Dion? Support
  11. Lolol Support ?
  12. Lol that was funny 
  13. I just sat in a corner and watched everyone else... That is why I am a noob
  14. Now I'll start my own pimd news and gossip section shortly
    So if you have news and gossips about your fellow pimd friends pm me. I'll put it there on my thread, no personal things as it's just for fun
    Ty ️
  15. Hahahaha that was hilarious 
  16. Next part is on Page 7.
  17. please more stories ?
  18. Lemme bump this awesome thread :lol: ?