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  2. This.
  3. LMAOOO TRU THE IRONY.. also you didn't have to point that out man 😔
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  4. O mai, yes ofc. 😂 My fav bottles are all >$20 😉 but... I also am v lucky and usually get to buy wine at wholesale prices, if not just at vineyard cost 😁 so, actually, I could buy more like... 10 bottles, but I was being boujee saying 4-5😂😂
  5. it’s my birthday and they like damn hit the gym
  6. Spinner set is cute but i am not fan of avis and furni
  7. How the meeting for these went..

    Hey guys I have this great idea! You know those avatar packs we used to have that our user base didn’t like? Well hear me out.. what if we double the price, take out the ec/dns we included AND give them subpar avatars! Our user base is stupid, they will just buy it and get ripped off 😬😂
  8. This is the most stupid thing y’all have done and y’all done a lot of stupid things, so congratulations 🎉
  9. I'm not the one to spend money on this game unless I really like something, and when I happen to have money. 65 euros for a freaking avatar? Are you kidding me?? That's more than half of my monthly budget for food! Wtf, for a broke ass student this is beyond crazy. I would sometimes get the VIP stuff for a week, when I had some saved up and wanted to treat myself, but this makes me not want to spend more coin on this app. Smh.
  10. It's not even a deal. It is literally just the avi.
  11. I'm afraid soon we will have to pay to log in.
  12. I'm afraid soon we will have to pay to log in.
  13. 😍I want this dorm... 😒 Change hunt for the March thing please😁😌
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  14. If the big spenders are against this, ata you really messing up.

    no ec bundle at all? You’re just contributing to the addiction of spending. That’s the only way I can see someone buying one of those avatars. It’s disappointing, but it’s okay. I don’t spend money to put in your pockets anymore. Hopefully others will stop as well. From this stunt y’all pulled, I’m certain people will stop. Can’t wait to see their response.
  15. Omg, I'm going to play a different game. No spinning for me this month either. Lol
  16. So, first there’s a massive change in hunt avi requirements due to you guys deciding it would be “better” because you’ll make more money.. that’s already fallen apart, because most players who pay for hunts are in cat/kini clubs or want to be on the leaderboard. Smaller players are not going to care or going to stop playing. Already a bad decision (jumping avis up 1-2k would be better, not doubling or so the requirements..)

    and NOW monthly avis are basically nonexistent? You want us to pay an entire bills worth of money for a SINGULAR AVI? No perks, no dns, no nothing.. Really? These massive jumps are NOT the way to grow.

    Growing WITH players is the key, not ahead of us. Growing ahead of us only means we leave, continue not paying, or stop paying if we have.
  17. #NoMoneyMarch😁
  18. Honestly this makes me wonder if the friends I've made on this game are enough to make me want to stay. ATA is only going to get more greedy. What's next, pop up ads so you can cover the cost of your userbase leaving???
  19. $60 a higher tier avi? Lmao gtfo. Guess I’m saving spins 😭