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  1. Just over 24 hours to go now to see if next hunt has avatars that will be obtainable for lower stats players. I guess many of us are patiently waiting for that. Here's hoping the Devs care about all of us enough to sort things on our behalf.
  2. I like how they are now releasing all these new stuff. New buddy box and vip furni/avis and new story pass to make people spend money
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  3. People are dropping from this game like flies 😂 good job ATA 🤧✌🏻

    I’m curious to see if anything actually changes before I drop too

    chasing away new players is going to kill your app, without new players you’ll dwindle away 😬
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  4. Waiting for next hunt to see if anything actually changes👀 we all know everyone will react if nothing does🌝☕️
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  5. I just came back here to thank Marceline for her responses. It is nice to know that these threads are being read and not just ignored. This is honestly the first time that I’ve been active in the forums so it’s the first time I’ve seen a developer response to our posts.

    I do hope you and your team really take our concerns and opinions into consideration when making those decisions for the game. Although I still don’t agree with most of the new developments for the game, I understand that you guys are experimenting.

    Do think about your smaller players in mind when making game-changing decisions, too.

    All the best!
  6. I think everyone knows you have to spend A LOT of money to get to the T100 and T10 LB, so there’s really no outrage needed because that’s your decision to spend as much as you want to be on top.

    The outrage here is dealing with the fact that the monthly timer box avatars, which you can get for FREE WITHOUT having to spend on ECs to buy them on the Shop, have now been moved to where you have no other choice but to buy them if you really want them. It USED TO be affordable because people could have gotten them buy FREELY winning them on the monthly timer box, which are FREE to spin on the spinner.

    This is not about us being spoiled brats, this is about giving voice to those who don’t and/or can’t spend on this game having this one major benefit being taken away from them (and this ON TOP OF having the main story avatars being moved up on drop requirements).

    So that’s the tea.
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  7. I love this game but I also think it is unfair. What’s the point in completing a quest when your reward is a box you can’t open unless you purchase ECs for a key or box cutter? Some of us can’t afford to spend real money on the game. There should be better rewards and better furniture available to us. All I’m saying is there should be items and rewards that you shouldn’t have to spend real money on. Maybe you disagree but that’s my opinion..
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  8. The quest ava boxes in the XC are opened with in game cash.
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  9. Wash your hands before eating. Care yourself

  10. But
    but not the boxes you win from quests. Sometime you get a LITE box but other than that you need a key
  11. EC boxes drop from parties, not from quests/stories. Only LITE boxes drop from stories, 2x per day.
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  12. Timer boxes exist
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  13. 👎🏻
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  14. But I do win them from quests
  15. Greedy greedy smh.
    I really liked the monthly timer boxes up until now(some avatars were.. Questionable, but the concept was cool)
    But now its absolutely ruined.
    hopefully this doesn't happen again next month or ever again after cause then the ad spawn wont be worth the ads.
  16. Almost half way though March and Ata is still dropping useless stuff.
  17. ATA, your players are recently giving up the game. And new players don't really last long since they do not understand the game. I suggest that pls bring back the olf pimd we all knew. How do you do that? Pls launch Pimd 2 so we can all reset this game. At least we will enjoy playing not like this one😔
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  18. “Pimd 2” 💀
  19. Shut up, already. Stop getting worked up over a game. There’s wall offers for a reason. If you can’t afford to buy ecs, go do them. They’re not asking you to spend. The ones who want to, will definitely spend regardless of the changes that have been made. You don’t have to have every avi that is released since most of you only ever use the only same avi you’ve got. I think it’s only fair that they’ve raised the prices. They also gave out a lot of cats, through the masks/pass on which again, most of you didn’t spend a peny since they were giftable and could easily bought with bentos. The bentos which you easily get by selling your stat items. Nobody complained then, yeah? 100ecs for 4-6 cats. Not to forget dns. Take it a scheme to balance it out. They’re a business. Profit is going to be their main priority, obviously. They’ve given a lot of free stuff in the past, directly AND indirectly. So stop crying. They did say they were going to make changes, this is the part of change. There’s definitely going to be a lot more changes in future and this, too, will be replaced with a new idea, better idea. Let them experiment for now. That’s how most games work. Don’t like it? Don’t play it.
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  20. ignore the typos, i don’t want to correct it