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  1. Why are most of the People here getting so worked up over the price of Avas? T100 and T10 costs more and no one cries how expensive the Hunt LB are. Being in the general Pimd Overall LB costs you a fortune: Who complains about that? No one starts a riot for this stuff?! You either buy the Avas or not easy as that. You can't afford them you don't buy them. You all don't have any claim here to get anything for cheap or getting anything in General. People spend here no matter how expensive and this #NoMoneyMarch Riot is just childish. Read the TOU and you know your Account doesn't even belong to you so calm down.
    Btw the Game was never Fair when it comes to who spends and who doesn't and who spends more and who spends less. Ofcs they favor the people who spend more bcs they keep the game alive. How do you pay your workers or rent without people that give you money?
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  2. Happy for you if you feel like of of the favoured spenders here Cindyrela, but as you are able to spend so much then you really can't be expected to know how the modest spenders and non spenders feel right now, and to say they are childish is outright unfair and even nasty, so shame on you for that.
    I see this tgrraad had slowed down, but I believe its "the lull before the Storm" Many are just waiting to see what happens with the next hunt, and so for the time being staying quiet. Also others have already voiced the same thoughts they have.
    Silence does not mean however that they are doing nothing. They are not spending like they did this month, so also very much a part of this protest too.
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  3. Sorry about errors above. * one and thread. Phone kept freezing, lagging and then doing its own thing etc, and it seems we can't edit once posted.
    Just cleaned ram in order to be able to post this.
  4. I don't spend so much on Avas and idc if anyone does or does not. Y'all are acting like little spoiled Brats that shout as soon as they don't get what they want. Do I think 65€ for an Ava is a good price? Most likely not. Do I care? Also no. What do you expect as someone that doesn't spend? That they're telling you that they'll give you stuff you want for cheaper prices? Enough people spend like crazy your #NoMoneyMarch is bs. How many BBB happen? How many people buy DNS/EC daily? How many people are perm in CC Clubs? How many of the same people are ALWAYS in Hunt LB t10/t100? How much fo the VIPs spend on a daily/monthly? Way more than we all can ever imagine. When they think charging that much for Avas is right let them. You can just ignore them and not buy them at all. How do you know how much the people that shout the loudest here spend on a regular? The ones that mainly shout the loudest don't spend at all or barely spend. Something is too expensive for you?! Just don't buy it. We get enough Avas πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Your protest is childish according to my opinion. There are always people that spend no matter what and people that spend more than you can ever imagine spending on anything. Deal with it and suck it up.
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  5. Do you feel better for that Cindyrela? Did I hit a raw nerve there? You were so quick to come back at me and direct your Childish comment directly at me personally.
    Tell me please Cindyrela, just which part of my post said that I am a part of this protest? You assumed because you did not bother to take on board exactly what I wrote due to your need to retaliate so fast.
    I have been reading this thread from the start and although I usually avoid posting, felt I had to reply this time, but have not got any intention of replying to you further now, no matter what.
  6. ok yes t10/t100 vips are more expensive, but those are for "hardcore" players who are actually interested in getting them and your chances/costs on getting them vary by the other players who are also trying to get it. Monthly avis, which have always been a fair/decent price, have significantly jumped.

    When the avis cost flat ec, at least people who couldn't/didn't want to spend money could make up for it by using the offerwall that ATA has implemented for those players. Now they cost straight up money.

    Yes, the game has always been expensive, but now that something that could be obtained by a little bit of a grind, for free I might add, has been hidden behind a paywall with no other way, people are upset.
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  7. Aw you got your main out πŸ€“
    Seems like I hit a nerve here not agreeing with what's posted by the majority or YOU 🌚
  8. Okay, one last post then just to say that you are assuming again with no evidence to back what you say.
    Look at the word "ass"u" me" Cindyrela. That's a good enough reason for me to ignore you now as I'm not into kicking "ass" without a valid worthwhile reason.
    You may not want it but giving you a tip anyway. Work on your observation skills as they can prove invaluable throughout life
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  9. Oof, yea probably mistaked it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ i hadnt slept at all when i wrote that.
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  10. Well said, this is the reason why there’s a #NoMobeyMarch movement
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  11. *Money
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  12. April fools joke or not people still bought it like clowns 🀑
  13. I miss the xc where you could get points for pvp. That encouraged diverse game play. Now the only one that I can get is the Collectathon from saving up Lite boxes. Very disappointed. With higher level players, it takes over a week to upgrade out pets, those box speed ups really helped.
  14. Like this comment if you’re still participating in #nomoneymarch.
  15. No Mobey either. Dumb whale. πŸ‹πŸš«
  16. at everyone complaining about leaderboard avis first off just to be in the top 5000 is good enough for me and I barely spend I have ecs not like I don't but I choose to wait to see what they will bring out because honestly the pics of things on here is just plain to high what person in their right mind would pay 60$ for just an avi when you buy ecs and can get more bang for your buck
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  17. *sips on bang* i knew it this is an advertisement for bang. The energy drink for you! buy now at (insert store) and get your bang today.
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  18. So when am I allowed to pay for the pupil I want? Cause I would actually spend money on that unlike this months avis.
  19. I think that starts getting into sketchy territory. But I'm sure ATA is willing to power through it.
  20. Pay bentos for someone you like to OP the fuck outta you.
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