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  1. so are we just gonna forget about all this mess bc the apes threw some pretty avis at us? 🤡
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  2. apparently...
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  3. I still don't think she was referring to a majority of the responses, even those she hadn't quoted directly. While there may not have been a clear distinction between what qualified as childish and bitter, I really believe that most of the critiques that were coming in were acceptable because many followed the same tone as the ones she directly replied to as being good feedback. In this most recent addressment, she mentioned a comment someone made comparing the devs to being Helen Keller, being she was blind, or something of the sorts, as crossing the line. I believe those types of commentary were the targets of her labelling.

    I forget what you said specifically, but I don't think I recall you making any discriminatory remarks that danced along the line of ToU. I do understand being upset regardless, because it feels as though you have been lumped into a negative group.

    And like I said, Marcie shouldn't have used those words from the get-go. They were divisive and that shouldn't be coming from a dev. If specific posts were severely inappropriate, tempabans from forums could have been handed out individually (and maybe they were, as I saw a few mentions of people claiming their accounts had been banned).
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  4. And we shouldnt forget what happened and why this thread still going bcs they realesed new items.
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  5. .
    That “update”

    We’Re ThInKiNg AbOuT tHe LoNg RuN

    The long run of what? Running all your players off the app? 🙄
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  6. Frfr

    I use Other apps now to talk to my PIMD friends cause it ain’t even worth being here anymore, hunts have been disappointing, and so has your greed ATA, we’re literally all watching this app tank cause you guys don’t care about us anymore, people who have been playing for 8+ years don’t even log in anymore because y’all tried to kill farming for money too, really sad, love RNG games but you’re giving us nothing to get excited about
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  7. The run to get as many people to spend on the game before it's inevitable demise.
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  9. This isn't even a good way to go about it tho
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  10. What do they care? As long as they get that bag
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  11. Well looks like they're gonna get it through the vip update anyway lol. #nomoneymarch didn't even last the first week of march 😂 much shame
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  12. That was purposely OP & was part of a April Fools Day joke. Besides I’ve only seen Devs with the skin anyway.
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  13. Hey is it just me or would anyone else like to see a military style hunt with some of the avitars being prior service with like Moto gear and having a military style room with being a prior Marine currently in college I would love to see this type of hunt and I'm sure alot of others would as well.
  14. this is virtual things you’re spending on so I see why a lot of people complain about price. When you say “you don’t have to spend”., well some people just want to play the game and also try to have good items like avis and furniture or have to also spend to reach vip stories or even timed stories to get special rewards. It’s fine that maybe there’s some stuff you can’t have but they are making it also harder for new players. That’s why always remember to help newcomers with growing or dumb questions when they ask in pub or clubs when no mods are available so that this game stays alive and whatever you have spent on won’t go to waste.
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  15. Well if you feel that strongly about it, just don’t support that feature. If people don’t buy the Avis that still sends a message about that feature.
    There is a different thread for hunt suggestions :) I am sure if you post this there it would get support!
  16. Sounds just like the other games that died without previous warning... Didn't the shut down happen right after things got overpriced? Grabbed people's money and then disappeared with the game as if nothing.

    But of course they will say that they are making the "best choices" and that it "wouldn't make sense from an outside perspective".

    Obviously it doesn't make sense. Did they expect players to just wave, smile and type our credit card details as we get ripped-off based on some "data" we don't even know?
  17. Yes, I know that right now there's nothing we can do besides waiting and then act according to what happens next. But a month is a looong time, and I don't doubt they will keep pushing these changes forward when they see people quickly forgiving and forgetting because a couple more pretty (and expensive) items were released. Probably write down on their "data" that anything is fine as long as we make quirky statements and release some cute avatars afterwards!

    Honestly, like my words or not. I wouldn't be here if I didn't care about the game. And tbh I don't think we are asking for anything unreasonable when we ask for a game that can be fun and fair to all players regardless of financial investment. If you're not going to cater to everyone, put a login fee already and at least be honest that you only want rich players around. It'd be more honorable.
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  18. Wow- decreasing the lite box from 65 down to 50. 💀
  19. To my knowledge the lite box has been 50 minimum for at least a year
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  20. It's always been 50. Are you confusing the lite box with the timer box?
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