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  1. I really love this game, but the amount of effort I would have to put into it now is not worth it. I used to spend tons of money on PimD- hence my Avi and the billions of boxes I've sold my soul to open. And I didn't mind then because it was worth it to me. But what's the point now? The quality of the hunts have gone down, the drops are all messed up- and I don't have time to play PimD like it's an employment to even get a few stories in.

    ATA got defensive about their terrible decisions and called it's player base (of which the game cannot exist without) childish? If I called my customers at work childish, that would be a huge NO. My boss would be in my face immediately, rewinding cameras and trying to find the reason for my unprofessional behavior. At my job, we listen to our customers and figure out how to help. We don't insult and degrade and tell them that "change sucks."

    I'm probably quitting this game soon because it's not fun anymore, it's only about taking the players money. I might be back to see if anything changed for the better- we'll see.

    #NoMoneyMarch might turn into #NoPlayerPimD due to all of these unseemly changes.
  2. Y'know what? I get it.

    I get that the quests seems like a constant boring easy task, especially the big mcs player, i get it. But you are forgetting the new players. Are you trying to scare off the new players??

    I get it that the game needs more challenge. But in my opinion making the drop harder to get (timer box), increasing the required drop, and changing the free ava to paid ava, in that order, seems like an extremely lazy solution.
    U can always add new quests to achieve, new content to pay. Why don't u just do it? More work than before? Well change isn't always easy right? 😉

    But well the point is why put all the hard work to players?? Remember we are here to play. And you, ATA are here to work. So do the job correctly
  3. That's true🤣🤣RM40 for the "cheapest" lol

    RM250 and that's food for my family for a week or so. 😅😂
  4. now that im more awake and feeling abit refreshed after reading through 33 pages of the community outrage

    i too was planning to spend a hefty amount in this game(my tax return money) but when the 1 week Mas Appeal avis took 9.5k to get i found it outrageous and waited to see if the next hunt to see if the inflation also hit the 2 week hunt and once it did the new avi reward was at 16k and it pushed me more away.. for me personally what sealed the coffin for me was releasing the march avis with the highest one was $60usd with no benefits other than the avi.. supposedly this is suppose to benefit the ingame economy where does $60 monthly exclusive avi benefit?

    also this hasnt been said but some players say that we need an break from hunts it's been back to back hunts for years and eventually what those players have said came to past
  5. Inb4 Twink gets perma silenced from the forums


    Sorry if my response was neither productive, nor intelligent.
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  6. To be honest not a lot of thinking seems to be put into these decisions. The player is a second thought with money coming first with Atas mind set. Granted you need money to keep the game running.

    BUT you need to make your players your first priority, because that’s where your money comes from. Treat them well and give them fair content with special content that entices your demographic to spend. A $60 dollar avatar is not going to entice anyone and isn’t special, but unfairly priced as in any way I can look at it doesn’t help the games economy or growth in the long run. If not it may very well put it at risk as you’ve got a very quick growing base of players who are upset and not wanting to spend.

    Yes changes suck, but are needed in a game. Though changes should be made to make our lives easier and the game more enjoyable. Game economy is important and you want your players to spend, but should not be at such a drastic expense of the other varieties of players in the game.
    The gap between f2p and p2p is growing evermore and we’re being left in the dust.
    There will always be gap between these two parties, but it should be a fair balanced gap. So increasing the amount of work into players getting rewards is doing just that as already it’s difficult enough to even try make what was the 15k reward tier in the first place.
    There is a huge imbalance between players who spend and players who don’t. As the players who can spend and those big enough can form big clubs capable of finishing and doing many difficult parties and many premium parties on top of that.
    Where as the smaller f2p players who aren’t lucky enough to make it into a bigger active club struggle with hunts and to get rewards.
    Also struggling to grow and keep up with ever growing club cs join requirements. In hopes to actually try make it into a decent club.
    Solution: Start correcting this imbalance through reverting these changes and making your player base a little happier. Make Avis attainable again at 5/6k rewrad tiers and make create other incentives like increase the amount of pimd bank notes you get from reward tiers. Once there’s better balance and order pull out some swifty items or events that you can pay for (reasonably so that wouldn’t cost a full months food budget :( Yea not your fault my country’s currency sucks but come on guys)
    Because point in case take care of your players and your players will take care of you.

    That was nothing but constructive. I pointed out an issue and gave a solution.
  7. Is there an official suggestions thread?
  8. Oops i think you havent read thoroughly what i said, also i admit my way of saying it was a bit confusing😂😂
    I meant i only have to pay $9 (not even $10 bc our cheap ass currency lol) instead of $40 like other people💸💸
    But i can buy lots of thing with $9 in my country tho😌😌
  9. This is the official thread I think
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  10. If you don’t stand for something you fall for everything. 💯
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  11. 250 drops who? ATA only knows 65 drops.

  12. Basically this thread:

  13. Lmao at those memes, at least we can laugh a little among all this madness

    Ugh, and they never learn. All these people saying that they used to spend but don't think it's worth it anymore. So many considering quitting. For a company that has shut down a couple of games before, when are they going to come to their senses?


    Recently while looking through app store reviews, I noticed another thing: people saying the ad was misleading. I haven't seen any ads for PIMD, so if anyone has seen them, what is it like? They keep marketing this game in a way that only attracts creeps, and the few people who actually want to play a game end up giving up really soon because it's so hard to get anywhere as a new player.
    ATA should be ashamed of riding the bandwagon of games with ridiculous ads that are nothing like the gameplay. Yikes.
  14. Honestly, they could make stories have a dividing between the mcs players and the kcs players. That way the bored mc players arent bored- and the kcs players will actually get to the finishing. Just a thought..
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  15. Its okay, Marcie appreciates a little bit of ‘spice’ 😙😉
  16. Here is their YouTube channel which contains some of the ads. @Maddi_Matsu claimed to see a "Create Your Own Baby" ad once and I came across a new player in campus once asking about how to get a baby in this game. When I told her you couldn't, she claimed to have seen what sounds like the same ad Maddi saw. The ad doesn't appear to be on the YouTube channel so the channel is just a small taste of what kind of ads they are showing.
  17. Bruhhh, I live for this tho😂
  18. By what i mean by this is completely make different stories for the players. Heres an example....

    Mcs players could have like different tiers, and different items/prizes. As for the kcs they could have an easier to reach goal without having to spend their nights and days awake working in their lives... Without being afraid they'll miss the drops or wont reach the goal.

    -Getting told "oh just join a cat club!" Isnt really reasonable because we got low stats for those cat clubs or we either cant fund those said cat club parties.... Its also very hard to get a bento.. ;-;
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  19. i rather say the ad/description of the app is misleading mainly about the choose your style of avatar and your room but nope you have starter avis and to get any other avi you have to either pay for it, trade ingame items(which new players wouldnt understand the worth of their items some times) or work for it through the quest line (which now has been inflated to an impossible point without paying[new players])
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  20. lastly i forgot to add with the choose your style of dorm its insanely expensive just to plain buy it butt to trade ingame items for is an hefty price that new players wouldnt understand

    the screenshot on description page with "design your room" the person has 23,500 ecs 😂