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  1. It was probably a mod 🌚 I’d put my money on that and not the devs lmao
  2. This is insane, I’ve been using this app since it came out and have six year+ on this account alone. I have spent my fair share of money I’ve the years, but feel like minimal effort is being put in for some of these free avis and the pay wall is growing bigger and bigger. To not only make the avis not obtainable with Ec’s (which means you don’t get boxes and such for spending real money) sucks but to also raise the price of the avis with the stats for them the way they are is really sad. I’ve seen so many apps I’ve used for year become greedy and I’ve always hoped it would never happen to PIMD...but alas it seems my prayers where in vain..really disappointed in this.
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  3. #Nomoneymarch

    actually, it might just be time to quit for good. This is getting RIDICULOUS.
  4. It’s a huge turn off no doubt
  5. Also this af ^
  6. One could hope, Valentine’s avis where disappointing compared to past ones. I feel like the lack of effort has continued since then..well maybe the circus hunt
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  7. I left a review in the AppStore hopefully they see it v.v
  8. As they don’t use twitter anymore maybe we should wrote on their last Instagram post as well 🤔
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  9. What’s even more disappointing is Ata not even addressing the criticism. Y’all just gonna keep silent and hope we forget?
  10. It is hard enough for new players as it i .
    It seems that way 😒 I'm surprised we haven't gotten any kind of post about it tbh
  11. Ew why my post all messed up. That first part wasnt supposed to be there rofl
  12. Hope they took the monday for brainstorming and gonna answer tomorrow
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  13. I've made a couple posts on my own wall to make it easier to spread the word around campus, to people who don't access forums. Let me know if you guys think this is a good idea or not, because I was just thinking of how to make more people aware that they can complain and their feedback makes a difference.
  14. Also furni is not even in the winter 2020 box yet...
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  15. If that's me, I'm glad I made you giggle :D

    My IGN used to be MoneyHungryAp*s but they said it was inappropriate so I had to change :oops: Oops.
  16. So glad I recently took a step back from the game lmfao no mo $ for you ATA :)

    Let's all sit back and watch them try to rectify this with a promo. Yawn.
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  17. I think it's awesome what you're doing and it's awesome that no money March is catching on I never expected it to catch on when I first said it but now I'm proud of our community coming together like this
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  18. it couldn't have been more appropriate tho lmfao
  19. Ahhh you beat me to it lol
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  20. Dang, and I thought the story event last Valentine's was bad. ATA already makin it hard for me to anything with the 6k to 16k change...I'm chronically ill and only got energy for so much. At this rate im thinking of using what little energy I DO have on more worthwhile games.