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  1. Ex fake rs...hes real ugly
  2. Some would say calling someone ugly is having an ugly personality :(
  3. I think they were saying he was so fake it was ugly ??‍♀️
  4. ? I farmed MrsClaus for being a gold digging thot, now she only logs on during the holidays... hohoho..

    I was farmed for dumping some dude then he said he’d skin me alive and I was like whoa dude that’s rad and blocked all 9 of his accounts ??
  5. r/thathappened
  6. I contemplate farming OP every time I have to see the double superlative. ?
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  7. Half the people on this app are gold digging
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  8. ? yeah it happened yrs ago tho. ? gotta love the people on here man..
  9. Yeah I know but don’t mess w/ my friends ?? I’m being a good girl now...
  10. Got farmed because I didn’t want to give my tut to someone else??‍♀️
  11. i got farmed randomly for no reason. lasted about a week and a half. next time it was by my ex rs. crazy ass man i swear, i barley knew this man and i asked if i could break up with him and ask out my friend instead and he went all haywire and farmed me for about 2 and a half weeks ?
  12. You had that man hooked. ?
  13. A friend was an admin in club, someone was rude so they muted them in the chat. They paid someone to farm her. ?
  14. Paid farmers are real farmers plus most don't even do it
  15. Relatable
  16. For not putting "trusted trader" on her was NOT a trusted one? thank goodness for the trading system now.
  17. Some people will find any reason to farm. First, she accused me of being a runner and now her excuse is I'm someone's alt. If they wanna farm you, they'll make up an excuse.
  18. Someone farmed me because I wouldn't sell them one of my really rare old stats. That was also the cf 🤣 Never paid it though and I guess they bought it or gave up or I dunno
  19. I love farming people for dumb reasons just to hear them cry about it
  20. 😬