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  1. Sister snapped
  2. There was this dude... King something... He started fibding no sfw clubs a couple months back, and would announce they were randomly selected for sfw and needed to pay cf. He did this to a ton of clubs and there were enough people who hired him to start farming the shit outta him. Last time i saw him, his status was,"new owner, dont farm me"
  3. LOL if you remember the ign and that's still the status, report the account for account trading (and possibly selling) because that's against the tou

    also sidenote but that isn't a stupid reason for farming. it's a quick & easy way to get a cf and the clubs have placed a target on their own head.
  4. No stupid reasons to get farmed. But I had a guy threaten to farm me after this current pvp hunt ended cause I’ve unloaded full bars on there “alt” at times. I responded with well don’t opt in and have swords and expect not to get hit. Proceeded to take a screenshot of the account they referred to just in case I want some more easy swords. 
  5. I got farmed cause I was farming someone else who cf'd and offered ec items, (note: I didn't ask for ec items/furni), and I got reported for it. So I sent ss to ata via email, showing them my terms and the person who offered said items, and they said, "you're clean. Play on."

    Tl;dr: I got farmed cause I didn't get banned, even though I wasn't in the wrong.
  6. That dude said I'm in sfw, and asked 8b cf ? He didn't even hit me. I was like nah brah, show me what you've got first and he ED me and gave up 
  7. So... LMAO SO,

    MoSt StUpIdEsT reason for getting farmed would be the current “farm” going on as we speak.

    A young lady asked to join our CC and I very politely informed her that we were at capacity and parties were already going too fast. She proceeded to beg to join, where I then expressed I was sorry but at this moment I couldn’t let her in as I was declining everyone that’s been asking. Moments later... “that’s it. Y’all are lame”.... and the hits began.

    After I so very nicely questioned her intentions her simple response was:

    Oh cause I told you what I wanted and you didn’t give me what I asked nicely for

    At this point I’m like [insert confused laughing gif]. (Idk how to add gifs yet).

    So I continue to kill her with kindness and move on. And in the end she ended up declaring “sfw” on the club and is trying to insult it while still demanding to be let in for a session  Gorlll if the club is Trash and Dusty... go find a different one.

    The club is sfw friendly and can care less about a few petty hits, but I just found the story and reasoning funny and wish I could share the screenshots with you guys. But there’s a tiny bit of luke warm tea for you guys!

    Keep on strutting :B
  8. ?i got put in SFW for speaking Spanish -__-.
  9. Wtf racists
  10. Don’t hate on racists, that’s racist
  11. Wait no
  12. For leaving someone when they were being toxic ???
  13. ^ no reason is stupid
  14. ill farm you if you quote this
  15. ?
  17. For someone being told “no,” to be in a cc club cuz the cc club was booked full
  18. What is farming :lol: