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  1. Best reason: grammar.
  2. Apply to be a mod ???? deadass
  3. Applying to be a mod ???? deadass. I guess someone didn't like that I was a noob when I applied lol
  4. I broke up with this guy’s alt and he farmed me because he’d “never be able to rs someone on that account”. Shut up and wait til V Day
  5. Imagine thinking someone hiring a tutor is farming.
  6. You weren't farmed, this was explained to you, and you said you were confused and understood that you weren't being farmed and even thanked people for explaining it to you. So, why tf are you saying you were farmed now? Lmao

  8. Someone once paid a farming club to hit girl who used to be in my club because she wanted my former member's user name.
  9. I was being farmed once for making a noob offer in wall of someone... i was 3mcs and she was 2 i think but she have good mcs may be she was alt of some one
  11. My alt got “farmed” (hasn’t hit in a few days so like wya) for leaving a club
  12. "most stupidest" got me rolling.

    - I didn't reply to someone within two hours after he sent me a message asking me to give him my roses. My "CF" was the roses. He didn't get them.

    - A club told a high stat player to hire UP tuts as part of her CF for bullying their lower members. I was one of the random UP hires, I asked her to stop as I liked my pup and I would vouch for her efforts to hire me in her CF deal. She farmed me. On multiple alts and wouldn't stop until I apologised to her on her wall for being a "rude bitch".
    I was literally collateral damage to bullshit I wasn't even part of.

    - Farmer was "hitting at random on Battle List", according to their status, I got hit a couple times, nbd. It was a couple random BL hits. Made a joke in a club chat about it. They lost their shit about me now being sfw, farmer found out and then went on to farm me for the luls. Fun.

  13. When you strip someone there Tut's and make them pay a Cf isn't farming ? I mean i did write a fourm about you ✔️✔️✔️✔️
  14. Stripping someone's Tuts is called stripping. Farming is hitting someone a lot for an extended period of time.
  15. No one ever hit you. You weren't even in anyone's hit range. That's the whole F and W of SFW. There were no hits to ceasefire on.

    This is why people wanted you to get experience with the game before applying for mod. You still have a lot of learning to do. There is no shame in that.

  16. It should all honesty be thing , if I had to pay a Cf ? but it was still a petty reason to strip mall e for Tut's . Whatever TF her deals was ion but yeah that was stupid reason regraudless if isn't not farming it still was stupid deadass
  17. pay people off to stop hiring your tuts?

    I'm going shopping
  18. You can keep the rest, your Tuts are embarrassing
  19. LMAO