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  1. So, what are the most stupidest reasons for why you've been farmed / or someone you know was farmed for?

    This incident happened back when I was a noobie,and I was in this club (I forgot the name) and someone won a cat from a party (but they didn't have any rules such as won here, dropped here) but as soon as the cat winner left, the announced in club chat to farm that person. Another incident that happened in the same club was that they farmed someone who won a cloud paca.

  2. About a year ago, I got farmed for asking for a new pup :lol:
  3. Can't say I was ever really farmed. Just some hits in a short amount of time
  4. Over my rl relationship with my rs. Hardly worth calling it being farmed though. It was over as soon as she stepped in. :lol:
  5. I was farmed over about a ≈200m tut. They tried to be really intimidating but I just kept making smart aleck(?) comments and uhm... haven't heard since :)
  6. Why's there gotta be a reason? Farming is fun. There's my reason
  7. Your rs stopped farming me after a day and whined to my ex rs
  8. I am going to farm you for saying, "most stupidest."
  9. For being asleep and not responding to her. Thanks RS :)
  10. How is this relevant to my post?
  11. A person joined my club, and had told me that someone was going around getting em kicked from clubs for sfw. The person told me that if said farmer contacted me asking to kick them, that that would be okay and they wouldn't mind getting kicked. I thanked the person for giving me a heads up, and said they're allowed to camp out until it happens.

    So about 24 hours later I get contacted via gift by the farmer I was warned about. They ask me to kick the club member, and I oblige as the club member said that I could kick them.

    ~10 minutes later, the farmer starts giving my club inc and then sends a gift saying, "Welcome to sfw. You didn't kick the person's RS. Club cf is 20mcs." I told them that they hadn't asked me to kick the RS (and I wasn't going to assume they wanted the RS kicked; I wasn't even aware that they were RS'd as they had literally been in my club 24 hours).

    The farmer says she has a screenshot of her asking me to kick both the person and her RS. I know that's a lie. I tell her I have a screenshot of there only being one name in the gift message she sent me. Then she's replies, "Cf increased to 25mcs."

    I talk to my club admins. We decide we're just gonna flat out ignore her and see what happens. Turns out that was a good decision. Like maybe ~4 admins are hit sporadically for like? Maybe more 3 days? Then the farmer just disappears from notifs altogether.

    I accept the gift messages she sent as a gentle reminder that my club still exists. A response...? Zilch. Nada. She's given up.

    If you're going to request a 25mcs cf, please give 25mcs worth of hits. :)
  12. My alt got put into club sfw some months ago because I hired someone’s tutor and the person complained, I told them it’s open market, they ran to their pupil who then in some form contacted an “sfw club” (I followed links to notice all this) and so that club was hitting me, never explained so I didn’t ask, the president is very known on pimd so I knew it would last a bit

    So with another alt I joined said sfw club and silently watched for like a week? As they talked about having trouble hitting my alt (ss’d this for funsies even) until they gave up about 3 weeks after the initial incident

    All over a hire
  13. I farm the people I personally hate
  14. FTW: farm the world
  15. What i came to say
  16. I was about to comment on that to 
  17.  I was wondering when someone would comment on that
  18. Well I'm gonna farm them for making a thread
  19. Accept the gift messages as a gentle reminder. :lol: This is shade and I love it.
  20. Well, running with a cat is usually known to be a reason to be farmed in pimd culture.

    But cloudpaca... Seriously!? :shock:.