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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Vo, Aug 25, 2020.

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  1. Adding to what Atlas said. I'm not telling you how to spend your money. I'm giving you ways to maximize on what you spend your money on. You don't have to buy anything listed on here for the reasons I gave. I just know most people like to get the most out of their money when they do spend.
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  2. O that makes a lot of sense. Some people can't control their spending habits sometimes so i can see this being useful now.
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  3. You point out Day, but there are a couple other people who have said the same thing to me.

    Regardless of who told me or why, my main point stands in the sense that our guides are not similar. I've given you a clear and concise point on how they aren't while your case is simply that it's "how to spend money". My guide is not "how to spend money" but more "what is the most efficient way to spend money." Another note is that both of our guides are opinionated, and from I can recall about your guide our opinions differ very much.
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  4. Did you use @KrazyHoe 's guide to daily sales as a source? Consider asking them to use the info in their thread?
  5. Day literally said nothing about her experience working with you on this thread. You're the one who's trying to air that out and create a scene. Maybe you should pm about it instead of having a confrontation on a thread neither of you posted. This thread is supposed to be informational. Not a stage for grievances.
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  6. TIL krazy's guide existed before all the daily deals. Who knew?
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  7. I’m confused as to why you felt the need to bring up this randomly. But okay, let’s get some things straight.

    (1) I don’t need an apology since I asked not to have my name on it, but thank you.

    (2) You were difficult to work with at times as you even mention. Everyone in collaborations has faults though, I wouldn’t take it personal.

    (3) It’s incredibly immature to continue disagreeing on Vo’s thread about things not related to the topic. If you have a personal issue you may discuss it with me outside of forums.
  8. cute post vo <3 u loads
    its obvious you have a problem with this thread. why continue to argue when you could be having a conversation with Vo or Day on discord? i mean, you’re in the PIMD discord, so calm down and stop complaining on an innocent thread trying to help players and go complain in pms instead. x
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  9. spoiler alert: sometimes your help isn't needed/wanted

    Amazing guide Vo! super informative- you constructed and wrote it perfectly
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  10. I think with all the things you can chose to spend your money on its best to see all the benefits and see a spread of all your options to pick whats best for you, and I think this guide does just that 💓 just my opinion so you can have some insight
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  11. Locking as per OP's request
    Though I'm not sure why this wonderful strategy guide had to be derailed by people trying to make random claims. It'd be nice if we could just appreciate the hard work put into this guide and not compare it to things that are really not similar to it at all.
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