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  1. I enjoy war in general. My first war was hosted by Anika and Jeffy was our war lead. It made a wonderful experience and desire to participate in other wars. - thanks guys... I participate in wars to recreate the camaraderie and fun from my first war. I try to encourage others to be part of war for it, but most of all I want new comers to war to have the same experience I did with you guys.

    This war, what can I say... it was a different experience at times. We at times, worked well together, but other times it was difficult. Morale was low and you could see the imbalance before and definitely after the DQs departures, this did not help the spirit of the team. Most of all, outside influences did not help the team.

    Outside influences- hits, tut snatching, and individuals not allowing learning experiences of growth can caused a deficit in the team, too. Sadly, we experienced all of this.

    How to make it better, first and foremost- allow your TEAMS to lead and learn. It’s not always about the win. It’s not a winner mindset vs. a loser mindset. War is a growth opportunity and supposed to be a fun experience. It’s supposed to allow a team to strategize and work together. It makes a team have to acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A team can only do that with open minded leads willing to listen and being dependent on their team for communication and instruction. A lead is not a dictator, but a guide. A lead should never think it is their way or no way. A lead should set the pace and be an example of sportsmanship.
    How to fix: A lead should be a active participant of the war- not an outside source.

    Another issue to acknowledge -what about DQs? Rules are rules, but DQs should of had representation to plead their case. Some DQs were unnecessary and viewed as possibly done over previous interactions and biases.
    How to fix: Having an unbiased council of peers to determine if DQs should be dropped not just an individual or individuals.

    • All in all will I war again- yes.
    • Would I war again with Freshmen Psi- hell yeah!
    • What should change- a few things.

    If anyone reads this long winded response and you were new to war and on Freshman Psi, please don’t let this experience influence you negatively on future opportunities to participate in war. I hope to see everyone again in war.

    🏆 Well done Senior Alphas, you definitely deserved the win. 🏆

    To the group that made this a memorable experience, you know who you are- 🌚 CPs make you strong and double plunder, keep the color name dates going, and thank you for the memories.


    🎖 The real MVPs are those that fought through the difficulty and continued strong even after there was no way to comeback.

    Thank you to the mods in creating the event.

    I would like to see a rematch of some sorts and adjustments made to make the experience next go round smoother.
  2. #TeamFreshmenPSI 🥳

    The war was utterly unfair, roster imbalanced, mods trying to lead our team and rude in team line group. That being said, I had fun with my team, we were great.

    we deserve our phantom crates🌚

    Future mod wars should have misc disabled, let us fight fairly. I support the idea of freshmen vs freshmen.
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  3. This is really beautifully put, thank you. I can totally agree with this.

    Honestly, despite the imbalanced roster, the disqualification of members without replacement, loss of hope mid war 🌝, and the drama, I still had loads of fun. The members and the leaders all did an amazing job!

    This was my first war and I'm still glad I participated because its a great experience and I'd definitely join another war in the future. If there's gonna be another Senior vs Freshman, I guess its best to make a better roster than what we had, and have better organization so there won't be any last minute changes. #TeamFreshmanPsi

    Congrats everyone ❤️
  4. I'm only active on here when there is war and I remember last year when they organized Freshmen VS Seniors War. The matching was too hard that they had to mix freshies and oldies in one team. Looking forward for more wars! Fight to Pin, dance to milk! Eavesdrop when you have extra DNs to burn😂😂 Also, I will never ever get tired of reporting Pots used! 🥺💕
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  5. A phantom crate award/achievement for attempting to dethrone the OG's would be an awesome initiative from the devs to reward the players who tried. The war was long and hard.

    I was in #TeamSeniorBeta and didn't see the mods being rude to betapsi but it sounds like a result of the stress of organizing the war. There are threats of outside hits and politics, and people try to cheat for an edge. It also sounded like some juicy drama in gc that I would have loved to dissect if I was there but alas

    The organizers could have had people standing by as replacements but there's also no real bias for which side would cheat. Would it be senior or freshman? I don't think there's an unfair bias there but the result defs turned out unfair for the freshmen.

    Freshmen prioritise mb more than senior players because as little as 3 years ago it wasn't even clear whether it mattered in pvp. But time has long passed and it's possible that seniors have caught up. I found it an uphill battle to deal with our freshmen.

    One of our leaders was up for 22 hours ofthe war and there were definitely some players on our team who didn't speak up about their uncertainty about warring. Not knowing why you're failing on a target and, as a strength build, then trying to fight them as an original "idk" idea. Is a bit alarming to see.
    We could have done more teaching but our war was close and very back-and-forth for about half the war, then (I believe) a poorly-coordinated dn barrage lead to us taking the lead, and eventually morale probably waned and the lead wasn't regained.

    It was intense, though, for 12 hours, and I saw the other war had a similar gap at the end. While a fairer war could have been had if it was fresh vs fresh and sr vs sr, but then who would our underdog be? And what would we be defending and fighting for?

    This, like BoS, is a novelty war. They aren't perfectly fair. It's a bit of a morality play to see what group is best. I think it's attractive. We love an underdog and even love to fight as one. It's testing on our morale and increases the cognitive demand and attention we pay to something if we think we have to fight uphill.

    Good war, everyone! Outside hits were left off so no point complaining about those. Perhaps next time disable them and put that info up next to time and date!
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  6. 👋🏻👀Hey guys! I just thought I'd drop some thoughts too.

    First of, I'd like to congratulate every single player who fought, win or lose, you guys did so much. I saw the plunders, that was an amazing number of hits! Secondly, I would like to thank the PIC and the assistants who had to bear all the responsibilities for about a week. Third, to the organizers, @-AKUDOU- and @iCHOkeHer, who worked hard for weeks just to prepare this war for everyone. Lastly, the devs who provided the prizes and was so patient until the end.

    I was approached to help prepare this war (👀 maybe because I was the organizer of the first ever mod crate war, New vs Old 2019). On a perfect scenario, I admit, this war would have been better. So much better than what it is. Being at the back end of this war, I've seen, heard and stared at almost everything that's been thrown at both Cho and Felix. Lack of sleep and fatigue has taken its toll on everyone, even with me, and strong words were exchanged. With stakes that high, I couldn't blame anyone for feeling the way they did. I just hope that bygones are bygones by now. 🙏🏻❤️ No hard feelings 🙏🏻❤️

    I do like to see Alpha vs Beta and another go at Psi vs Omega 😉 (calling all PIC maybe?👀). Just for fun?

    I do hope that someday, on the next mod crate war, it will be better and less, uhm, negativity.

    Again, congratulations to every single player who participated. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible to begin with.

    With that, I go back to retirement! Til next time! ❤️Always stay safe and much love!
  7. Amen🙏🏻
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