MOD WAR *Feedback/Discussion*

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  1. I was advised to create a forum topic for this, so here I am. I’d also like to see this topic utilized by others to give their honest opinions and overall exerience(s) from this mod war.

    This was what..My third (I think, maybe fourth?) war ever, and my very first mod war. I had fun, mostly because my team was amazing and very supportive (#Team Freshman Psi 🌝💕)....I learned a lot as far as warring itself goes. And I have no regrets with this war. I will most definitely partake in many more wars in the future.

    As far as feedback on this war goes— the rosters were definitely not proportional. It seemed to me as though the seniors were pretty much set up to win. Which does make sense because if you put more experienced players versus lesser experienced players, you will evidently have a power imbalance. A lot of the seniors consisted of VIPs and well-known players. Which is fine, war is never about winning, but if you’re seemingly set up to fail, you’re going into a battle knowing you will lose and it was hard to keep the morale high within our team/club. There were a lot of issues with my team in particular in regards to disqualifying members. Our team in particular had a mod in our club chat— active throughout the entire war which ultimately lead to additional DQs on top of early self-disqualifications (eg. leaving club). These DQs did not help with the player imbalance. Additional DQs were almost had on top of the seven we had already experienced. In my opinion, if mods are to host, they should not remain in the club/active in club chat/attempt to lead the team or affect the war in any way, shape or form. I think there should’ve at least been replacements as well for these DQs since some of the players would have helped our plunder tremendously. I know hosting a war takes a lot of time and effort to put together, so I’d like to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the hosts for this opportunity/experience. But I’d like this to be a learning experience as well, and for this feedback to be taken into account for future wars.
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  2. I can agree that the rosters were unbalanced. However, I for one definitely went into the war knowing it would happen since Seniors vs Freshmen already placed the Freshmen at a potential disadvantage since an older account would likely have more misc and possibly TB compared to a newer account.

    That being said, I think considering that the organizers were unable to turn any of these bonuses off, the rosters were made as best as they could. It wasn’t a great match up, but I’m not sure how I could’ve made it more fair if I was in their shoes so I won’t say much against it.

    For the DQs I feel like I agreed and disagreed with some, but the organizers did have the right to use their judgement to decide when a rule was broken.

    Overall, I can agree that things didn’t go as great as anticipated, but nevertheless I still appreciate time and effort made towards the organization.
  3. Yes, Day, that was what I was referring to with the imbalance of rosters. But hey, the challenge was enjoyable and it was fun working together and attempting to overcome that kind of hurdle as a team. Thanks for warring with me and sticking with it throughout 😌
  4. I agree that it was very disproportional but also agree with Day that it wasn't necessarily done purposefully. A lot of last minute DQs/cancellations also contributed to it being more unbalanced since the amount of "perfect" or more compatible matches would have went down.

    It was a little discouraging going in knowing that it was highly unlikely we'd have a chance at winning, however I still had fun and our team definitely didn't allow ourselves to be sore losers. We kept hustling til the end.

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  5. Likewise! It’s always great getting to interact with you. I really liked the idea someone brought up of having us be like two teams split up as Senior/Freshmen A and B to help with the imbalance if a future war took place!
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  6. How do you even follow that up, you said everything we all were thinking tbh. #Support AF
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  7. Someone else mentioned this, I don’t recall who— but someone said something about having both the senior teams and freshman teams up against each other. Now THAT would have been a better idea 😂 imo
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  8. This is my first Mod War. Sorry for late response.
    I agree with the above mentioned arguments , there are always be pros and cons. but the most important thing is sportsmanship , respect to each other.

    Yes old school might be in VIP's TB 🤣😂😂but the freshman stacked misc and those misc are trade able . That's one of pros and cons.

    I would like to appreciate the sportsmanship in my Beta team, the members can put aside their sfw and work as a team. Those friends I know is UN members and IDC, they were working as team to win the war. That's amazing . the arrow, Zaara, my ex bropup Tank, Rosie, they are Awazing. And I m sure there are lots of more members that did the same, Ascension's member , Bandz, CNC in senior Beta team.
    And it is great time war tbh. Thanks to the Mods that have put a lot of efforts in coordinate this event.

    If there is a question , will I join similar war again? I will say. NOoooooooooooo.. too addicted and ruin my health😂🤣😂🤣 . And my ears hurts. 🤣😂🤣Mom threw tantrums bla bla bla bla ... Bcos of my behavior after war.

    Notes: fight to pin. Dance to milk. That's old school war I have known.🤣😂🥱I still need more sleep 😴😴
  9. Well said
    . Well said moo but I dont agree with not joining again. I'll be the one to blah blah u 🤭🤭🤭
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  10. I certainly didn’t lose sleep over this one 😂...and it definitely was interesting to see the mixing and mashing of different groups and tags. At the end of the day, and in the midst of war, it requires teamwork. I definitely need to get this plunder thing down a bit more for next time tho 🤓
  11. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Ohhhh noooooo..
    Aishhh how can I say no when u ask mooo... But but I need big reward for that xixixixix
  12. Hahaha u always ask for reward🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. Hi zaddy
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  14. 🤣😂🤣😂😍😍😍I love my surprise moo.. you know me so well
  15. I love how my rs is voicing his opinion and getting pvp hits for it. I think somebody needs a hug. 🙃
  16. I agree with the comments that freshman can have stacked misc and can be pretty deadly, but also overall I’d expect same stat seniors to have the misc and Tb advantage. That said teamwork, activity, and tenacity affect results and similar themed wars have not always been a senior clean sweep.

    These crate wars always tend to have high drama and complaints to the mods volunteering to run them - so I’d just like to express my thanks to the mods hosting. The signups seemed relatively well organized (although exact signup open date/time would be appreciated on original thread) and it’s unfortunate they get salt from people who clearly broke rules they “read and agreed to” even at the roster stage.

    Also the Senior Alpha team was awesome and kept things drama free and well organized. To that end I’m thankfully oblivious to DQ issues other teams had.

    My chief complaint lies in the frequency or lack thereof of the mod crate wars (or other system wars with adequate rewards to make up for lost drops). More please! I’m sure a theme change would at least resolve the balancing complaints. And if they happened more often then maybe people would be a little less intense about roster or DQs.
  17. They should've stick to misc and outside hits disabled as what we have in previous mod wars. Less drama tbh 😔✋ it all comes down to war strategies and own individual efforts without misc. Just my opinion
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  18. Wym Sam I was always getting hits
    And I love the attention 🥵
  19. I have a decent amount of misc. But really there’s only so much one can have//or even borrow to actually obtain that advantage when up against such tough competition. I definitely agree with you about the teamwork, that’s what even made this fun at all. And I agree there could be more mod wars, but evidently they’re very hard to organize and put together as you’ve stated which can account for the lack of. Thanks for warring with me and the love taps 🌝
  20. I think outside hits could have been disabled as well. It was an issue for me personally at some point, and I heard it was an issue for other teams
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