[MOD CRATE WAR] Seniors vs Freshmen

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  1. Based on experience (retired mod here) in organizing such events, the minimum stat requirement is justifiable since sign-up numbers can go as much as 800 different people. They said only 380 players maximum to war; they had to cut down somewhere. And again speaking from experience, the most difficult stats to match are below 30mcs. There are more newer players than older ones at that stats, something like 1 old for every 20-30 new. That right there is just very difficult when it comes to a fairer matching. Besides, there's still hope. Should the assumptions been wrong, and there are less than 190 matched players then they can add some more below 30mcs.
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  2. Sign me up
  3. Interesting
  4. Sorry the sign-up isn't open yet so I'm sure if you read from the start you won't be posting these. Please come back to ensure the sign-up is already announced open
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  5. I wanna participateeeee!!!!
  6. I'm still too small but anyway, goodluck to the participants! may the best team wins!! enjoy😄🙌
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  7. I want to join yes
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  9. I'm a senior account but I'm only 14Mcs :(
  10. "We have updated the rules of the war. We added "STRICTLY NO STRIPPING OF OPPONENTS' TUTORS DURING WAR" We apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you for understanding.
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  11. I keep checking to not miss war ....when sign up will be availble...its not only for winning but for fun too 😁
  12. Wish I was big a big enough account ✋🏼😌
  13. Pfft good alway of telling people below 30mcs they didn’t put effort in the game like why didn’t u even make it have two stages? Cuz it’s not even easy upgrading in this short time if u ain’t spending in the game n not everyone spends!
  14. Open up the registration already 🥺
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  15. You look like an alt trying to cheese off an extra crate 😯
  16. 😂 Be patient
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  17. I’m sure that’s not the intention behind making the requirement 30mcs. You’re reaching.
  18. Great cool i wanna join but i think seniors will win 🤣
  19. I wanna join🤤
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