[MOD CRATE WAR] Seniors vs Freshmen

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -AKUDOU-, Sep 20, 2020.

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  1. @-AKUDOU- @-SakuraHime- @iCHOkHer more name changes...


  2. CN: Lhei
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  4. Update -
    Ign- 0MlN0U5
    Stats : 32mcs ( str : 24mcs / int : 8.03mcs )
    I have read and agreed to all the rules stated for the SF war 2020.
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  5. FAQ has been updated.
    * If you have any other questions please post on this thread so we could post and update the answers on the FAQ*

  6. ign change: RedDidIt[/QUOTE]

    ign change: RedDidIt
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  7. Updated IGN: No
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  8. Since we are gonna release roster very soon, Please be reminded we won't be accepting name changes anymore so anyone not found within their registered ign for the war will be removed automatically and replaced. Thanks for understanding
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  9. I received my 5 year award today just wondering if rosters are already set or if I’ll be placed on a senior team
  10. 😅 you have 4 year award hunny, not 5
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  11. Updated Stats:66 Mcs ( Str 48.8 + Int 17.1)
    Updated IGN: AnotherSenpai.
  12. If I can still be waitlisted

    Strength: 26.5M
    Intelligence: 22.3M

    Overall stats: 48.8 M

    Please I was caught with real life concerns. I'm so willing to wait and hope to get in. Take and God bless mods! ! 🙏
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  13. [​IMG]



    Please get to know your team as soon as possible and pick 1 Person-in-Charge (PIC). This PIC will be the ONLY person who can approach the organizers after this post.

    The PIC will have the following responsibilities:
    • Let the organizers know of any pull-outs and no-shows for replacements;
    • Wall their team members to remind them about the war;
    • Pick their admins to assist them;
    • Invite their members into the clubs for war;
    • Approach the organizers for concerns of teams;
    • Strictly impose the RULES of the war.
    We want to note that being a PIC doesn't mean you also lead your side. You can choose a different leader if you wish; we only want 1 person to contact us right after this post until the end of the war itself. Anyone approaching us regarding the war who isn't a PIC, will be ignored. Teams can opt not to have a PIC and still war BUT those without PIC will not be able to contact any organizer.

    Please contact @-AKUDOU- once you have decided who will be your team's PIC on or before Thursday, 15 October 2020.


    The teams were divided according to the year you created your account. SENIORS were 5+ years playing in PIMD (2010-2015) while FRESHMEN were 4 years or less (2016-2020). HOWEVER, we had noticed that there were too few seniors now that we had decided to adjust the categories. This roster now consists of SENIORS with accounts created from December 2010 until the end of June 2016 while FRESHMEN now consists of accounts created from July 2016 until the present.
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  15. If possible to be waitlisted still


    Stats: 126mcs (str : 70.7mcs / int: 55.8mcs)

    I have read and agreed to all the rules stated for the SF war 2020.
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  16. You're most welcome💙 I'm happy to help anytime. Thank you as well for bearing with me! 💙
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